Discuss some of the reasons offered in the Psalms for long-term optimism

In my opinion, the reason for long-term optimism is hope. Through out the book of Psalms, you can see trials and pain, but much optimism. This is because they have hope in God. God has given them hope in their times of worry, in their times of strife, in their times of hunger. Hope for what? Hope that God has a future planned and that it will be greater than any of us will imagine! And nothing on earth can break their spirits! For God has told them that mankind can break their bodies but they cannot break their souls. Your soul is who you are. No one can take that from you. And even if the people in Psalms died in the process of serving God, they would be in heaven with Him soon after death! What’s not to be optimistic about?! In my opinion, hope is one of the top 4 powerful feelings, the others being Love, Anger, and Fear. Especially with the current sate of the world, we really need some hope. And God is there to give it.



-English 2. 20




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