Civilized Cyclopes

Would you describe Homers description of Cyclopes(plural) as having a civilization? Why or why not?

Would I believe that the Cyclopes are capable of civilization? Yes, indeed I would. I believe that everyone has their own version of ‘being civilized’. Take a dog for instance. Their way of greeting each other in a civilized way, is sniffing each others rear end. If you humans did that to each other, you’d most likely get a slap in the face and a taser in your gut. On the other hand, if your asking if it is possible for the Cyclopes to have a civilized society then my answer remains—-yes. Like I said earlier, almost everyone has a different definition of ‘being civilized’. A tiger may tear up his meat sloppily and messily, leaving things all over his face, and that would be civilized in tiger standards. When most people think of ‘being civilized’ they probably think of daintily eating your food with proper attire and body posture. A Cyclopes could eat a man or two for dinner, go to sleep and milk his goats in the morning and that would be civilized. So my answer remains yes. 



-Western Civ. 15


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