The Circle Of Life

The sun provides a tremendous amount of energy to the earth every day, far more than is currently used. Given this fact, why do so many creatures starve?

Many creatures starve because not all creatures get their energy from the sun. Some get their energy from the moon. The reason they starve is because you don’t need just energy to survive. You also need food and not every animal gets it’s food from the sun. Actually I can’t think of  one animal that does at the moment. If an animal is sick they will most likely die, but not specifically from starvation. Say you are a lion. Lions eat the antelope. “When Lions die, their bodies become grass and the antelope eat the grass. So it’s a never ending circle of life.” (And yes, I did indeed just quote the Lion King a bit so don’t get your codes in a jumble about me not giving credit to the quote.) Anyway, a creature can starve for many, many different reasons, it doesn’t necessarily have to be directed to sunlight.


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