From Abraham to Moses


Today, we will be looking into the history between Abraham and Moses. These events are taken from a book called the Bible. It is a record of the history of God’s people and hope for the world. We will learn how the Hebrews went from well respected to slaves in a matter of years. Let us begin.

Abraham was told by God to sacrifice his only child Issac. Although he loved Issac, Abraham loved God enough to serve him no matter what and knew it was apart of his giant plan. Right as Abraham was about to sacrifice Issac, an angel of God came down and stopped him. Turns out, God was just testing Abraham’s loyalty and faith. God promised Abraham that the number of his descendants will be  greater than the number of stars in the sky. Many years pass and Issac has a son named Jacob. Jacob has 12 sons, his favorite of which is Joseph. Since he had his fathers favor, Joseph didn’t have to work as hard as his brothers and they didn’t like it one bit. So, they faked his death and sold him into slavery….Harsh…Joseph got tossed around a bit and ended up in Egypt. Years passed and guess where he sat? He sat at Pharaoh’s right hand! A famine entered the land and Joseph’s family (who regretted their decision of getting rid of Joseph very quickly) went to Egypt to get some food. After toying with them for a while Joseph revealed that he was their brother and they reunited. After many years, Joseph and Pharaoh died and a new Pharaoh, who didn’t care for Joseph’s people, was appointed. He feared that they would soon outnumber and overpower the Egyptians, so he made the Hebrews into slaves. Moses was born and was adopted into Pharaoh’s house(even though he was a Hebrew). When Moses saw how his people were being treated, he was outraged and he killed an Egyptian guard. Moses ran from Egypt and stayed away for decades. Finally, God called on Moses to go back to Egypt and set the Hebrews free. Pharaoh of course refused to let the Hebrews go and God sent plagues to torment the Egyptians. Pharaoh finally gave in and let them go. The Hebrews left Egypt and wandered in the desert for 40 years.


That concludes the history between Abraham and Moses. Please exit to the right, make sure you have all of your personal belongings and be sure to come back here real soon! I will surely have more essays to post.






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