My Autobiography

Hello there. Though I do not know you, after reading this, you will surely know me. So, I invite you to walk with me through some of the highlights of my life so far. Such as moving place to place, my struggles and my favorite things to do. Without further a-do, I present to you—my life in a nutshell.

On a late summer day in the South, I was born. I’ve called many places home, but it’s always been in the South. When I was 4, we moved from Florida to Texas. Ah, Texas. The best part of my life so far! They say it rarely snows there but let me tell you, that’s false. Almost every winter, we had sleet or snow. And I’m not talking about a nice soft covering of snow, I’m talking about 7 inches. It was awesome. I just wish I was old enough to realize how lucky I was. When I was 12 we moved to Georgia where I currently reside. Although Texas was like nothing I’ve ever seen, Georgia is like nothing I’ve ever heard. Whenever I step outside, I can hear birds calling to each other and squirrels quietly chatting. I still miss Texas but Georgia has a place in my heart. My favorite move was coming from our last house in Georgia to our new house in Georgia and the best part was that they were only 2 miles apart. We spent a week packing and bring it over to our new house. The worst of it was my foot was badly injured so it hurt like crap and I barely made it through. And if It wasn’t for my diary, I’d probably  say it was a pleasant and pain free move. But I know this to be false because in black inc, my diary reads, “Be glad you don’t remember the pain”.
 Although my life is pretty peaceful now, it wasn’t always this way. Back in Texas, when I was 10, I broke my arm. I was attacked by the neighbors pit bull and it broke two bones. I was rushed to the hospital and for the next year, I wasn’t allowed to do anything. It got boring quick. My arm went through many trails to try and make it well again. Not only was my arm having a bad time healing, but one time, my skin had a bad reaction to some medicine that was put on,under my cast. My arm itched like crazy! It was horrible! And another time, I accidentally got my cast wet in the pool. When they took the cast off, my arm looked like a brain! But when the time came, God healed my arm. 
My hobbies during that time were very limited, but since then, I have created many hobbies and quirks to which I will tell you about now. I prefer to eat hot foods to cold foods, for example, I would rather have a soup than a salad. Another thing I enjoy doing, is sleeping. Mainly because my dreams let me run away with my imagination and every once in a while, my mind grants me the precious diamond that is a lucid dream. I also like to run. Why? Because I couldn’t run when I had a broken arm and I told myself that I would run when it healed. Plus, it helps get me into shape and I feel like nothing can touch me . And I love to draw. Now I’m no Picasso but I can sure doodle. The reason I love it is because it makes me think that my crazy dreams that I endorse in every night, can be expressed with a tiny wooden stick. But I almost forgot my absolute favorite thing to do. Read. I love to read books—but not the ones online. I love the smell of old pieces of paper, sewn together and covered with to large pieces of glorified cardboard. I love the sound of a page turning and eyes darting past the next page, eager to consume more of the adventure. My favorite genre of books is fiction. You can do anything with a fiction book, and there is always something that you can do that no one else has done. For those who read will discover adventure.
Thank you for going on this quick journey through the catacombs in my mind. I trust your stay was pleasant and that you will come again. And if you ever want to get ahold of me, “You can travel to another dimension. One not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of the imagination. A place most call The Twilight Zone”. -Rod Sterling

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