The Essay

The health of the Economy By: Misty

How is the health of the Economy you ask? Well, would you like me to tell you? I bet you would, but not until later. How about I start with a story? Once upon a time—

“Whoa, whoa whoa. Hold on. What happened to the essay?” Mrs. Hawkins put down the paper and looked Misty in the eyes. “Misty?” She asked. Misty didn’t answer. She knew it was a rhetorical question, so she decided to glance about. She was in her teachers office, sitting in a soft love seat that couldn’t hold her weight, so it sank so low to the ground that it made Mrs. Hawkins seem like a giant. The air smelt like hand-sanitizer, reminding Misty of a hospital, making her even more uncomfortable. Mrs. Hawkins desk was an old oak tree, polished and cut to fit society’s desk standards. And because of it’s age, many student’s graffiti had survived to Misty’s entertainment, distracting her from the giant staring her down. “Misty?” Mrs. Hawkins asked again. Her words were like a nuke exploding in the silence of the empty classroom. Misty gave a small yelp and directed her attention back to her teacher. “You never answered the question, even though you said you would later on in your essay. That’s misdirecting readers and wasting their time! Have I taught you nothing as an English teacher?” She asked. “Do you know why I didn’t answer the question?” Misty asked. “Please, tell me.” Mrs. Hawkins responded. “Because I don’t know. You never discussed the health of the economy. You just talked about identity theft!” Misty argued. Mrs. Hawkins sighed and took off her reading glasses, revealing large brown eyes. “I’ll give you five minutes to rewrite your essay. “Five minutes?! That’s not enough time!” Misty exploded. “It is for you.” Mrs. Hawkins replied handing her stubborn student a piece of paper and a pencil. She pulled out a stopwatch and started it. Misty took a hold of her pencil and waited for the answers to come flowing to her hand. The pencil flew across the page, creating a storm of yellow and black. Misty’s eyes were a blue blur as she followed her pencil, lips muttering what she was writing. Her pencil hit the table so hard, the tip was buried in the oak desk. With a large inhale of hand-sanitizer sented air, she blew away eraser shavings and lead, revealing a question and an answer in perfect handwriting. Mrs. Hawkins stopped the timer and read.

How is the Health of the Economy?

Well, our economy today has risen from what it used to be and has come far. But there can be no good without evil. Today’s systems of making all money digital, makes it easier for hackers and thieves to steal money and identities. So it is up to you to decide the Health. Is it better or worse?

Mrs. Hawkins gave a small smile.”Well, it’s better than what you had written earlier. Pack up your things, you can go home for the weekend.” Misty shot out of the classroom, through the school doors and raced home to a house of laughter and love. As Mrs. Hawkins filed the essay, she glanced at the stopwatch. It read 2.45 seconds.


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