I’ve Done It!

I’ve found the meaning of life! You’d never believe me if I told you what it is so I’ll write it down until you’re ready. You——–in————trust———have———seen—————maybe————–called————hardened————sky———–atoms————-evolution——–this———————–grass——————Darwin—————terrible——————mistake————–all—————along—————-nothing———-seen—————–time——————–haven’t——————miracles—————-clouldn’t————–aged————-thousand————-nothing——————try———–book———————-word——————-clouds————-animals————-something—————-hurt————–died———loved———————sins—————needed———————-to—————————–done———-finished. And that my friends is the meaning of life.

This Article Was Edited By Ytsim Snaeco From The Time Anomaly Removal Crew




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