Financial Advice For A Younger Audience

This is the story of Financial Advice For My Imaginary Younger Sibling. As I am the youngest, I don’t have anyone to explain this to. So, I shall create one. His name is Jason, he is 7 years old and this is my attempt to talk to him.

M: Hello Jason.

J: Hi Misty! What do you want? Do you want to play with me? Marcus told me about this new game and I need 2 people and Marcus is at football practice, so will you play with me?

M: Only if you listen to what I have to say.

J: Ok, what is it?

M: You don’t have to answer my questions, I just need to tell you this and then we can go play.

J: But what if I know the answer?

M: Trust me you won’t want to answer.

J: Why

M: Just listen ok?

J: Ok.

M: When you are old enough, you’ll be getting a lot of money. And when you do, you might be tempted to spend it all. But if you spend it all, you won’t have any left. So, what you need to do is set aside a bit of your money to save for later. Each time you get more money, you add to the pile.

J: Then what?

M: Well, you save up for something that you want and use that money to buy it.

J: Like a phone!

M: Yeah! Like a phone!

J: So, your saying that if I save my money now, I can use it in the future for college and for my bank accounts and maybe even my 401k! And my family will be set for life financially!

M: 0_0 …….Uh–yeah, exactly….How did you know all of that?

J: I looked at your notes for this conversation. 

M: When’d you learn to read upside down?

J: I learned it at the Doctor’s office when Mommy was filling in a paper. Did you know that we’re not getting flu shots this year because they have Mercury?

M: Yeah, that’s some bad stuff.

J: Yeah, but how’d they get a planet in a shot?


This is my imagination. I don’t know how 7 year olds act because I don’t know any. If Jason offends you in any way, please don’t take it personally! Thank you.


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