What benefits would I get from writing an autobiography?

Oddly enough, I really don’t think I need to write an autobiography. I’d rather write fiction instead of non fiction. In fictional stories, anything is possible and you can create and take away. Non fiction(in the sense of biography’s) stories can be very complicated. You can’t give and take away in some ones life. Life is a roller coaster and you haven’t the slightest about what’s going to happen. Especially if the biography is about you. It’s a lot harder to remember every single thing that happened to you and in the right order, than it is to just make stuff up as you go along. I highly doubt you would want to read a book all about me. People like to talk about themselves. Nope, not me. My life has been rather boring to be honest. And what’s the point of writing an autobiography now, if I’m just starting to live? It’s like only knowing someones childhood, and then trying to go and talk to them. They’ll have different interests and they’ll have a different shape and hairstyle and everything is different! What benefits would I get from writing an autobiography? Honestly, I have absolutely no clue. The only advantage I can think of, is that people would know everything about me. Which really wouldn’t even be a good reason, because if someone walked up to me and started quoting my autobiography, I would run away completely paranoid that this person had been following my whole life. Well, maybe I wouldn’t run away because I would know my own autobiography and would calmly tell myself that this person had obviously read it. But the point still stands, I don’t want anyone to know everything about me. In conclusion, No, I don’t see any point, purpose or reason to write an autobiography.


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