Thinking can be dangerous…

There is a tree in my back yard right now. I keep on imagining it will fall on the house. No, it’s not terrifying, just amusing. What if all of the trees just lost all of their gravity and floated up into the upper atmosphere? Imagine, walking out of your house and seeing trees defying gravity above your head. You’d think you were mad! But then you’d see your friends and family in awe at the wonder before your eyes. What if the building your in right now, just turned upside down? Maybe it is upside down. Maybe the whole world already turned upside down and the ceiling is really the floor. Oh, but that wouldn’t be possible because the leaves and grass are planted in dirt and the dirt goes to the earths core and if you dig in the ground, you aren’t going to arrive at the sky! Well, I guess that theory’s a bust. Isn’t it weird that gravity exists? I mean, if the earth were any closer or any farther away from the sun, we would die. Evolution can’t do that. It’s no coincidence. Have you looked at your body lately? Do you really think we could have just evolved? If monkeys evolved into humans, then why aren’t they still evolving? Your body is so complicated you can’t even comprehend it! And you think you just evolved into that? Seriously? But it’s not my place to bash others beliefs. It’s just my job to think. And my mind has no limits.

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