Jessica couldn’t keep doing this. She had to say something! Jessica was in a cold class room, waiting for the teacher to arrive. Mercy was sitting right next to her. Mercy or Mercy-Mute was the silent type. She would stare at her desk while spinning a ring, never looking away. Sometimes when the class was noisy, Mercy would close her eyes tightly. Ever since Mercy had come to the school, Jessica had been itching to talk to her. But the rumors always stopped her. The rumors around Mercy’s quietness. But they weren’t going to stop Jessica now. The two girls were the first students in the class and Jessica finally saw her chance. Jessica took a deep breath and looked at Mercy. “Hi Mercy”, she said with a friendly smile. Mercy whispered, “Hi Jessica.” She never broke eye contact with the desk. “How are you today?” Jessica asked as she turned around in her chair to completely face Mercy. Mercy glanced up slightly, “I’m fine…how are you?” she asked even quieter than before. Luckily the room was silent, so Jessica could hear her. “I’m great! How are you liking it here at the school?” Jessica asked, feeling more and more confident that she was making a new friend. Mercy’s ring stopped spinning and she froze. “I like it here. There are so many people here, that I don’t even have to talk.” Mercy said in a harsh whisper. “Well that’s good isn’t it?” Jessica said. Mercy reached over and picked up the ring off of the desk. As she began spinning it, the ring fell off desk. As it hit the floor, a small glass clang echoed throughout the class room. “Oh! Let me get that for you”, Jessica said as she bent over. “No!” Mercy screamed. She grabbed Jessica’s hand and Jessica froze in terror. Mercy looked down to where the ring was and realized that Jessica had just skimmed the surface of it. Jessica couldn’t breath. Not just because she had never heard Mercy’s yell before, but because of what she saw. Mercy let go of Jessica’s hand and Jessica fell to the floor. She went pale and started to shiver. Mercy reached down and picked up the ring. Soon the other students arrived. Jessica was rushed to the hospital and the students were terrified. Mercy disappeared soon after the event. School was released early and it was closed. To this day only Jessica knows what happened and because of her knowledge, was placed in a mental facility. Students walking past the school could sometimes see something in the window. It was a pale lifeless figure who stared at them until they passed. If the students continued to stare, it would release an ear splitting scream and would only stop if they pleaded for Mercy.


5 thoughts on “Mercy

      • mistyoceans July 22, 2015 / 8:25 pm

        And just to be clear, the answer is in no way to be taken inappropriately. Thank you. 🙂

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      • mistyoceans July 23, 2015 / 9:55 am

        I never say what she saw, but i have given subtle hints on what it is. The idea is for the readers(you) to let their imagination run wild! 🙂

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