A bird chattered in the tree. The green leaves spread above her like a green blanket. Mally continued eating the corn on a cob. The humans had thrown it out yesterday and left it in the yard. She had not seen anyone take it, so she went ahead and decided to eat her breakfast. She dropped the corn and stared into the glass door. A human walked by. Mally’s piercing yellow eyes stared into the humans soul. She went back to eating her corn. She looked up again. A smaller human had crept towards the door. Mally would glance up ever so often to check the human. She needed to make sure the human didn’t come too close. Mally ate the remains off of the cob. Her black fur was heating up because of the hot sun. She got up and walked closer towards the humans deck. The cob she wanted was right on their door step. She crept towards it, letting her paws make no sound. She quickly grabbed the cob with her mouth and pranced to a safe distance in the yard. Her ears perked up to the sound of a blue roaring giant. The humans rode in those a lot. She knew to avoid them. She looked up and stared at the door. She saw a human. She stared at it, licking the corn of off her lips. She searched the grass for some more corn. She was feeling more comfortable under the humans gaze. She heard something. Her head went up and her ears perked up. She looked around quickly, searching for the sound. Mally couldn’t find it. She gave up and decided to sit down. She heard the door slowly opening. It stopped. It was moving again. It would stop every time she looked at it. She didn’t want to risk being caught. So, she casually walked across the concrete path, onto the drive way, making her way into the next yard. Life wasn’t easy for a stray. Especially for a black cat like herself. 

This actually happened in my front yard. I felt bad that I couldn’t give the stray cat any more food than our leftovers. So I decided to honor her by sharing her story. 🙂 I nicknamed her Mally. 

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