Chapter 12: Defying Physics

You’ll notice that this chapters a little shorter than most. Sorry. Anyway, I might have to go back to posting only 1 chapter per week due to the rate I am producing chapters. 😦 Sorry, again…. But, make sure to enjoy this chapter! Again, it is a product of Dubstep listening. 🙂 ENJOY! 

We walked for a while and then we found the giant rock. We, of course, turned left and stayed straight….but we didn’t get anywhere. After a while of wandering, I stole a look at Hazel. She looked so focused. Probably didn’t even realize we are going the wrong way. I waved my hand in front of her face.

“Hazel? Are we supposed to be heading this way? Past you said that we would hit the lake soon.” I said.

“She was lying. She said that just in case we were followed.” She answered.

“So where’s the real lake?” I asked her.

“Just follow me.” She said. I got the feeling she wanted me to be silent. Eventually, we came to a large lake. It was sparkling with the sun hitting it just right. It was an unbroken mirror. It looked just like….Glass. I thought, No wonder. Hazel walked towards the edge. She stared at her reflection and sighed sadly.

“Can’t believe I’ve become this. A hooded girl who lives in the woods and fights demons. Sounds like a fairy tale or a child’s dream. Reality of it is, it’s not as wonderful as it might seem. You see a girl like me in the woods and you think, “Wow! She must be crazy!”. Well, the sad thing is, people don’t know the whole story…. and sometimes…. you can’t ever tell them…” She reached down and let her hand fall softly on the waters clear surface. A ring formed around her hand and ripples began to form. They flowed out into the great lake, creating a never ending ring. Hazel moved her hand around in the water. Splashes could be heard from where her hand was. A single drop of water gently rose upward. It floated directly in front of my face. I was so tempted to touch it. I slowly reached my hand out. The droplet continued on its journey upwards. Other drops of water and soon clumps of water, joined the small drop. They floated above our heads. The whole lake rumbled and it was as if gravity had been reversed. The entire water inside the lake, floated up as one large circle. Hazel stood up and wiped her hand on her cloak. The droplets that were now smeared on her cloak, as if magnetized, floated towards the sky. It was amazing. So incredible. I felt a tugging. I looked down to see the ground was getting further away. I looked over to Hazel who was looking at me. I smiled. We were floating around in the air. Along with the droplets of water, we were being pulled towards the sky. My smile faded.

“Hazel?” I asked, “Where is all this water going and why are we floating with it?”

“The droplets will go as far as the sun!” She yelled and I noticed why. The closer we got to the water, the louder it became. It was like standing next to a roaring waterfall.

“The human body is about 90% water! That’s why we’re being pulled along with it!” She yelled.

“Where’s the portal?!” I asked her. She pointed up, towards the giant body of water above our heads. It was pretty clear what we had to do.

“HOW?!” I yelled.

“WE NEED TO CATCH UP TO IT!” She yelled back. It must have been such a sight. We had to air swim to the body of water at a speed that would pull us through. As I tried to swim up, I stole a glance at Hazel. She was standing up straight, jumping from tree to tree, gaining hight by the second. I looked around and grabbed the nearest branch. I pulled myself closer to it and started climbing up towards the water. Yes, it was extremely easy. The warped gravity was pulling me up, so all I had to do, was propel myself, by kicking off between tree’s. Actually, It was kinda challenging. I was inches away from the water. One last big push off from the nearest tree, and I was shooting like a bullet towards the water. Hazel was just a little bit ahead of me. We were so high up, that the clouds were below us. The air was getting thin and I had trouble breathing.

“HAZEL! HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS WILL WORK?!” I yelled. She looked at me. I couldn’t believe I was doubting her. Then again, I had only just met her a few days ago. Didn’t seem like it though. As we went through the water, I could barely hear her words, but I still understood what they were.

“I NEVER KNOW AND I NEVER WILL! YOU JUST HAVE TO TRUST ME!” She yelled. I held my breath. Water filled up my vision and I couldn’t see. I closed my eyes and did something I never thought I would do. I prayed. My body felt light. The water surrounded me and consumed my thoughts. I could feel mixtures of hot and cold water flowing around my face. I couldn’t hold my breath much longer. I could feel the bubbles escaping my lips and going somewhere near the surface. I could feel my hair whipping around my face, flowing freely in the water. How come I’m not in the next stage of the past? What’s going on? If I could only open my eyes! Ugh! I don’t want to lose my contacts though! If only I had perfect eyesight! I could feel the sun on my back. I stayed still, waiting for the current of the water to pull me towards safety. I could feel my face was red. The sun suddenly left. I was consumed in the shivering cold. The last bubble escaped my lips. I did the worst thing ever. I swam blindly. I just swam in the direction where I last saw Hazel. I gave up and swam upwards, trying to find the surface. My foot touched the bottom of where ever I was and I realized I was swimming the wrong way. I turned myself right side up. I bent down, placed my feet right next to each other, and pushed. I shot like a rocket upwards. My heart was pumping and my brain was gasping for breath. I could feel myself growing warmer and warmer. Something smashed into my head.


I could feel myself being pulled…


I was completely dry, accept for my head, which was wet. I took a deep breath of refreshing air. I could feel the water trickling down my face. All of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain in my head. It felt like a knife was slowly being pushed into my skull. My eyes shot open and my hands went straight to my head. That hurt me even more so I yanked my hands away from my skull and realized they were red. My face turned pale as I realized what it was. And it sure as heck wasn’t water. A hand grabbed one of mine and poured something on it. I looked at the person and was relieved that it was Hazel.

“Well, what happened to my head?” I asked her in a know it all tone (I was pretty upset). She sighed.

“Well, apparently, you were trying to find the surface. Bad thing is that you were in a cave. You rammed smack dab into a stalagmite.” She said. I cringed.

“Shouldn’t I be dead?” I asked her.

“The stalagmite wasn’t big or hard enough. You have one thick skull. But, it did do enough damage to make you cringe even more. It blew a hole in the top of your skull. It’s about 2 inches deep. Luckily, since we were in saltwater, the wound was practically washed out and the bleeding had stopped. Also, you’re extremely lucky these waters don’t inhabit sharks because if they did, you’d be dead for sure.” She said.

“Where were you?” I asked her, curious of her answer (no duh, or I wouldn’t have asked it).

“I was swimming not far from you. When you started to swim down, I knew you had your eyes closed. I swam after you and when I got close enough to grab you, you shot upwards. I chased after you, but I didn’t get there in time to rescue you from that underwater caves fate. I got to you right after you had the little crash. I pulled you to the surface and made sure we weren’t followed. Then, I got to work on your head wound. No, I’m not a doctor or a nurse, but I’ve seen enough movies to know what to do.” She said.

“Wait a minute.” I said, “Who would follow us?” I asked her.

“Well, considering what time we’re in.” She answered, getting up from the ground where she was sitting. I took that time to look around. We were back in the forest. A lake was near us. The trees were tall and towering. With my eyes, I asked Hazel where we were.

“Remember when I told you that if we go far enough in my past, we’ll see me meeting you? Weeeeeelll. This is the day that everyone went missing.” She said. I stared at her. What? Are you saying that if we go to where I’m supposed to be, I’ll see myself? Cool. I thought to myself.

“Why are we here?” I asked.

“I need to find out where your parents are, and to do that, I need to follow them.” She said. She motioned for me to follow her. I got up, grabbed my bag, and followed. I could hear laughing not far off. I recognized it at once. It was when Sherlock was tackling Dad. I could hear the laughter was getting stronger. Hazel and I squatted down in the bushes, looked straight ahead, and I saw myself.


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