Chapter 10: The Face Off

This chapter is also a product of listening to dubstep while writing! 🙂 Enjoy it please and TAKE YOUR STINKING TIME! I’ll be waiting for your review…OH and May the fourth be with you. 

 After reuniting, we sat down on one of the leather couches to talk about our situation. Hazel explained to me how she and Sherlock made it to where I was.
“What’s the last thing you remember?” She asked me.
“I was poking the fire and then I was running from a monster.” I answered.
“Ok, so you were poking the fire and then something happened. A huge flash of white light covered the area. You fell down on your back and just stayed there. I was never asleep. I jumped down and ran over to you. I totally didn’t worry about you. Anyway, there was a figure in the light. I talked to it, but that’s not important. It told me some stuff…. that wasn’t very important. Overall, I found out that the Demon King had caused you to teleport to a different dimension. His plan to overtake your body while you were away, failed obviously. I made it into one of the dimensions and searched for you. The bad thing was that you were in one of the most dangerous dimensions ever. The past.” She said. She got up and stood in front of me. “Check this out.” She whispered. She had a little remote and pressed a button on it. She cleared her throat.
“The most dangerous dimension ever,” She paused, “The past!” Suddenly thunder came out of nowhere and lightning lit up the room. I jumped a little and Sherlock was scared half to death. She hit the button again and it stopped. Hazel looked at me.
“Bum bum buuuuumm!” She said, laughing. I chuckled to myself.
“Nice! How’d you do that?” I asked her.
“That is the thing with people now days! They want to know how something is done when they know the person who did it is going to say no! So, no.” She said smiling.
“Anyway” she began again, “if you couldn’t already tell, that past was mine. It was dangerous mainly because you could’ve been killed. Thank goodness I caught you here instead of further on. Any longer and you would be dead. So, I posed as the Commander to get to you.” She finished.
“But how did you find Sherlock?” I asked. She sighed and sat down.
“He was here. In the office when I got here. My theory is that the more you go on in my past, you’ll find more and more of your family members.” She answered.
“That’s great news!” I said, “But you don’t look like you want to do that.”
“Johnny. It’s my past. Number one, I would be meeting my past self. Number two, did you miss the part where I said that you would die if you went on?” She said. I looked at her.
“Hazel. I know what I’m getting into. I need to find my family. I’ve made my choice and when we first met, you asked me if I wanted to go with you and change my fate. Well guess what. I’m changing my fate. Are you going to help me?” I asked. She got up and headed over to the fridge. She grabbed a Coke and opened it. She didn’t drink any, she just stood there, looking into the Coke. She sighed and put it back in the fridge.
“Yeah. I’ll help you. But on your own head be it. Literally.” She said, still looking at the closed fridge.
“One more thing,” I said, “You never told me how you got into these dimensions in the first place. How did you get here?” I asked. She didn’t answer. I was staring at the back of her cloak.
“Uuuuhhhhh I’m not telling.” She said. She turned around and walked over to me.
“So? How do we get to the next dimension?” I asked. She smiled.
“Same way you got to this one.” She answered, pointing at the glass window pane on the ceiling. Oh, isn’t that fantastic? I looked up at the glass window.
“So, how are we supposed to get up there?” I asked.
“Dude. I meant the glass not the glass window. Here, help me with this rug.” She said, pulling the rug into a corner. I grabbed the other side of the rug and helped her. We rolled it up and put it in a corner. Hazel ran over to where the couches were and started to move them. Sherlock, who was on a couch at the time, jumped off and ran over to where the Coke was stored. Hazel went back to the middle of the room and stood in the middle.
“This is why I told them I only wanted a rug and not some carpet.” Hazel said.
“Are we going to jump through?” I asked.
“Yep.” She answered.
“What about Sherlock?” I asked her, concerned for my awesome dog.
“He’ll be fine. When we enter the next dimension, he’ll be right next to you when we get back to the real world. It’s like when you’re in a video game. Sherlock is a character. When you finish talking to certain characters, they go back to your spawn. Sherlock will go to your spawn, which is the campsite. Make sense?” She asked me.
“I guess.” I answered.
“Good.” Hazel said. She looked around the room and backed up, “All right, when I say now, you need to jump.” She said. I nodded my head and got ready. Hazel ran forward and yelled,”Now!” We both jumped so high, when we came down the glass shattered. We fell through the glass and landed on our feet. I looked around. We were in the forest. Accept, it wasn’t the same. The tree’s were younger and smaller. The sun felt good on my back. The grass was wet with dew. It was freezing outside. A blue jay flew over my head into a tree next to me. I smiled and looked at Hazel. My smile faded. She was crouched like she was expecting something to jump out. Her breathing was silent, yet heavy. She reached out and grabbed my arm. She pushed me into a bush and jumped in after me. I was about to ask what she was doing but she hit me on the arm and put her finger to her mouth. Wonderful. The girl with no fear has fear. How did I not see this coming? I heard something thumping.
*BOOM* Something slammed into the ground. *BOOM* There it was again! Sounds like an explosion! But that’s not possible, I don’t see anything. Wait a second. I shuttered and sank deeper into the bush. Footsteps. I heard a roar so loud it shook the ground itself. I covered my ears and groaned. Hazel didn’t move. She was a statue. I looked through the bush and saw something run past. It stopped and ran over to a tree. Once there, it stuck something in the tree stump. It kept looking over it’s shoulder. The thumping was coming closer and was gaining speed. It turned away from the tree stump and stood there silently. I was so shocked at what I saw. A cloaked figure stood there. It’s cloak was matted with blood and dirt. It’s arms were pale and scared. It’s shirt was torn. It’s hood was off. It’s face was full of determination. It’s eyes were blue and full of fear. It’s hair once silky, now was rugged and dirty. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had seen it before but now, I knew who it was exactly. It wasn’t a different reality Hazel. It was past Hazel.
*BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* *BOOM* The footsteps were coming closer and closer. Past Hazel started looking around frantically. She looked for a hiding spot but she couldn’t find one.
*BOOM*BOOM*BOOM*BOOM*BOOM*BOOM*BOOM*BOOM*BOOM*BOOM*BOOM*BOOM The footsteps were faster and faster and faster and then. Silence. All I could hear was both Hazel’s breathing furiously. The sky turned black and blotted out the sun. We were in the dark. Little flashes of red light could be seen. One flash was far away. Then another one was closer to me. Then another flash was closer to past Hazel. Soon, multiple flashes of red light lit the area. Like torches, they stuck to trees and stayed there, burning dimly. The wind began to blow. It blew so furiously, that past Hazel’s cloak was almost torn off. She kept it close and raised her hands to her face to shield herslef. Black figures with burning red eyes, appeared around past Hazel. Demons. They cackled and crawled closer to her. Some were on the sides of trees and some were coming out of the ground. A huge black figure came from in front of our bush. It rose slowly and slowly walked towards past Hazel. Demon King. Past Hazel fell to her knees and yelled.
“I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU! HELP ME!” She screamed. A streak of white flew across the sky, then disappeared. Past Hazel smiled an evil smile. The Demon king was in front of past Hazel. His cackle rang throughout the forest.
He has left you. He will never come back! You are hopeless!” He said. Past Hazel just laughed. Her eyes glimmered faintly with white.
“He will never leave me. I have all hope.” Past Hazel said. She slowly stood up. She let her hands fall to her side. She took one step forward. She was smiling. Another streak of white light fell across the sky. The demons were frantically looking all over. They were so scared. Past Hazel laughed.
“You ain’t seen nothing yet.” She said. Past Hazel’s eyes burned with bright light. She ran forward, jumped and threw a huge punch. It hit the Demon King in the chest and he went flying. She landed in a crouching position. She stood up straight. I looked at Hazel. She was watching past Hazel with ease. She knew her next moves and knew her next words. Hazel’s eyes also burned with white light. She smiled and stood up straight.
“Hazel? What are you doing?” I asked her.
“Don’t worry about it. I remember this.” Hazel answered. The Demon King was back in his original position and ready for a fight. Hazel ran forward and jumped up in the air. Past Hazel did the same. White fire was burning from their fists. They both landed a punch on the Demon King, who screamed in pain and sank into the ground. The other demons did the same. Hazel and past Hazel looked at each other. Past Hazel was cleaned up. Her cloak was clean and her clothes were repaired. Her hair was glossy and brushed. And her eyes were fading back to dark blue. Past Hazel pulled her hood up and copied the pose that Hazel had. They stared at each other.
“You can come out.” Hazel said. I got up and walked towards both of them. Past Hazel stared at me.
“Johnny?” Past Hazel asked.
“Yes?” I answered, “How?” I asked her.
“The park remember?” She answered.
“Oh yeah!” I said, feeling awkward.
“So” past Hazel said, “You’re me?” She asked Hazel.
“Yep.” Hazel answered.
“You remember this?” Past Hazel asked.
“Yep.” Hazel said.
“Well, at least I know I survive.” Past Hazel said.

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