Chapter 9: Reality Check!

I cried at the end of this chapter……. just cause. 🙂 Enjoy! 🙂 Btw. I listened to some dubstep while writing this so expect dubstep themed actions! 😀 Just kidding. Probably not any dubstep actions in here………maybe there is…’ll have to read and see for yourself! 😛

Bright light blinded me. I couldn’t see anything. A huge flash of white surrounded me. I felt sweaty. I shielded myself from the light with my arm. Slowly things became visible. I was in a dark building. Fire was burning all around me. The fire had made a perfect circle around me, never getting too close. I didn’t know what to do. It looked like I was in a warehouse. A huge wall of fire came close to me. I stumbled back, still shielding myself. Still walking backwards, away from the fire, I felt something other than the concrete, make it’s way under my bare feet. I looked down and saw what I was dressed as. I looked like an escaped prisoner. My blue shirt was black and torn. My jeans had now been replaced by sweat pants, also black. I lifted up my foot to see a small black button. I picked it up and pressed it. The fire stopped. It seeped quickly into the ground. I pressed the button again to see the fire appear. I pressed it once more and the fire stopped. I walked up to a charred strip where fire used to burn. I knelt down to inspect it and it looked like mechanical wiring. I stood up and inspected another strip. Same thing. The whole room was connected through wires and on the ceiling there were heaters. Heaters to give the effect of burning! What the heck is going on? I carefully stepped over the wired strips of fire and looked for a door. All I found was a dimly lit hall. I slowly walked down it, thinking this would make a good horror movie. When I reached the end of the hall, I found another hall. It stretched all the way to the other side of the building, where a small light could be seen. While walking towards the little light, I started to worry. So, what’s up with my shirt? Why is it all scratched up? Ok, so judging by the state my clothes are in and by the tanning line on my wrists (most likely hand cuff tan lines), I’d say I was a prisoner. But if I’m the prisoner and I escaped that means that there are people looking for me. I continued to walk down the hall. But if that’s true, then anything could be a trap….. Like a light at the end of a long hallway! I stopped inches away from revealing myself from around the hall corner. Luckily, I was being very stealthy. I could over hear a man talking.   

“……. Yes Commander, area five is surrounded. The prisoner is expected to be coming this way. He’s got no where to hide….. Yes Commander!” I could hear a radio going off. “Alright men! Stand your ground! This prisoner is a tricky one and we don’t want him escaping again.” I slowly walked backwards deeper into the hallway. I had only gone a few inches, when I felt a cold object touch my neck. I shivered at the thought of what it might be.

“Move and I pull the trigger.” A gruff voice behind me whispered, “Now I’m going to ask you to move, when I do, you need to do exactly what I say. Put your hands on your head and get down on your knees.” I slowly obeyed the voice and got down on my knees. I heard the sound of a gun being put back in it’s holster. The body belonging to the voice, grabbed my hands and cuffed them. I don’t know why, but I felt angry. Like I had been waiting for this moment my whole life but it just passed. The hands belonging to the body belonging to the voice, pulled me on my feet, keeping a firm grip on my left arm. So, tell me mysterious person, what was the point in me getting down on my knees if you were going to pick me up again? I smirked at my own joke. I was pushed into the spotlight and saw that the guy was talking to the radio. He was tall and he had no hair. His face was shaped like a box and his eyes were a piercing black. He was well built like the other men but he looked like he could tear you in half with his teeth. I have dubbed him the name ‘Wario’. Two men came forward to take me back to the prison but they stopped half way there. They guy holding my arm must’ve given a signal.

“The Commander wants to see him.” The gruff voice behind me said. Wario grunted in frustration.

“If that’s true, then why didn’t the Commander tell us?” Wario asked with a smart tone.

“Same reason why I’m Commander-in-chief. The Commander gives orders to me, I give them to you and you obey them” The gruff voice answered. Wario looked like he was going to argue but he decided not to. The soldiers cleared a way to a door. The grip tightened around my arm and I got the feeling I should move. Surprisingly, the soldiers didn’t give me any weird looks or mean glances as I expected. They just stared straight ahead, talking to each other only using their eyes. It reminded me of Hazel. I felt a little guilty leaving her there all alone. A metal door stood in front of me. It was opened and light poured over my face. I walked through and started to worry when I was still in the same world. Does that mean I’m stuck here? Soldiers were surrounding the warehouse. The man behind me stopped and with his grip so tightly on my arm, I jerked to a stop also. We were waiting for something. During the quiet time we had, I observed my surroundings. I was in the desert. Sand was all around us and from what I could tell, the warehouse was the only thing for miles. A small dirt road was in front of us. I heard a low rumble and looked down the road. A small black dot was speeding towards us. A huge dust cloud traveled behind it. The suns rays were caught in the silver lining the vehicle. As it pulled closer, I noticed it made no noise except for a low rumble that shook the ground. When it finally pulled up beside me, I saw It was a black jeep with silver wheels. It reminded me of F.B.I agents, which reminded me of evil F.B.I agents, which reminded me of Coniby, which made me think of who this mysterious ‘Commander’ was. They didn’t say, “Yes sir Commander” or “yes ma’am Commander”. Just The Commander. It was starting to get on my nerves. The back door to the jeep was opened and I was shoved inside. The man who had been holding my arm, slided in next to me and I finally got a good look at him. He wasn’t tall but he wasn’t short. He had huge muscles that rippled when he breathed. He was wearing the same outfit as everyone else. A black sleeveless shirt and camouflage pants with brown hiking boots. Except, his shirt was un-tucked and his pants were covering his boots. He was wearing black shades and he had a dog tag labeled: Ajax. His hair was spiked a little and was colored brown with blonde highlights underneath. He glanced at me. I just stared at him.

“Kid? Do you know why you’re in handcuffs?” He asked me. I shrugged.

“I’m guessing I did something illegal.” I answered.

“Yeah. You did.” He waited a few seconds. “Do you know what you did?” He asked me. I was surprised. Well, apparently you do because you’re the one who pointed a gun at me! I wanted to say. But I decided not to make him mad.

“Not really.” I answered.

“You broke into a military base and stole all of our coffee.” He said. I just looked at him. I couldn’t keep the small smile off of my face. I tried to hide it but I couldn’t. He gave a small smile.

“I’m glad you got that joke. Most people who come in here, when I tell them that, they burst out crying, wailing ‘It wasn’t my fault’.” He said chuckling to himself. “You’re lucky the Commander sent me to get you and not some serious ‘I will punch you if you blink’ guys. The Commander said you wouldn’t remember what you did. Truth is, you were caught on camera stealing something and they put you in prison. You escaped from the prison you were in originally and were put in another prison. Finally you escaped from that one and we found you in the warehouse.” He said, staring out the window.

“All of that just for stealing something? Didn’t I get a trial?” I asked.

“No trial was needed for what you stole. Doesn’t matter what age you are, if you steal it, you are caged. You stole the biggest emerald on the planet. Don’t know how and don’t know when but you did it. We found it at an abandoned sewer tunnel in an old backpack. I just really want to know why you didn’t keep it. You could’ve been the richest teen alive, leading up to richest man. But, I guess you can’t answer the question since you don’t even remember.” He finished.

“Wow.” I said. That’s all I could say at that moment. But then a question came into my head.

“Who is the Commander?” I asked. Ajax turned and stared me in the eyes.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” He said. He didn’t say anything for the rest of the ride.


I must’ve drifted off because all of a sudden, I felt someone shaking me. I blinked a couple times and realized I was in a limo. I looked at Ajax, who was shaking me and gave him a questioned look. He sighed.

“It was an hour drive to the helicopter and then a three hour fly to a location I am not allowed to say the name of. Once we arrived there, we were escorted to the private limo. You apparently hadn’t slept for days and once you got in this limo, you were out like a light. We’re almost to our final destination.” He said.

“How come I don’t remember any of it?” I asked him.

“The Commander said you wouldn’t. The Commander also said that only some things you remember.” He answered. You know, the more I hear about this, ‘Commander’ the more I want to see him. I thought to myself. I looked around the limo. It had black leather seats and a drink cooler. The seats had built in cup holders and a remote to control the T.V. The T.V was directly in front of Ajax, who apparently had stopped watching it. My hands were in front of me instead of behind me, still handcuffed of course. I could tell my seatbelt was extra tight. I was still wearing the same thing as I’d been wearing back at the warehouse. Ajax was sipping a coke and wasn’t greatly enjoying it.

“Coke? Aren’t military guys supposed to have beer when no ones looking?” I asked him. He laughed a little.

“Yeah, usually. But I’m trying to quit. Coke is the only thing strong enough to make me want to quit. Like I said before, you’re lucky to have me to bring you to the Commander. Any other guy would be a lot worse.” He answered.

“How much worse?” I asked him, trying to keep the conversation going.

“Well, for starters, they wouldn’t let you mutter a word. They would tighten your handcuffs every time you spoke a word. They wouldn’t answer any of your questions and they, by this time, would probably be drunk.” He said as he finished his Coke and put it in a trash bin near him.

“Why did the Commander send you?” I asked, unafraid of how he might respond. He shook his head back and forth.

“Who know’s? Maybe the Commander knew only I was the most responsible and mature one. Maybe it was because the Commander thought I might be good for this mission.” He sighed, “Or maybe it was because I knew a kid like you would never commit a crime like that. That a kid your age shouldn’t be in handcuffs. You should be hyped up on the latest game or building up muscles to impress girls. Not rotting in a jail cell for the rest of your life.” The limo came to a stop and Ajax and I got out. I was standing in front of a huge glass building. I am not joking. It was literally glass. I didn’t get to see my surroundings because I was being hurried (not so much pushed anymore, thank goodness for that) into the building by Ajax. Just before Ajax opened the door, he put a small box on the door and pushed a button. The receptionist didn’t look at us. She didn’t even move. She was a still statue. I quickly looked around while Ajax was pulling/pushing me towards the elevator. All of the workers were standing completely still. Some workers were in mid-sentence. Some were sitting down and some were standing up. Some were even in mid-step. I was shoved in the elevator by Ajax as he pushed the 66th floor button. The shove was so powerful, I was knocked to the ground. He glanced at me apologetically.

“Sorry kid, we needed to get through that area fast. The effects only last so long.” He said, pulling me to my feet with the handcuffs.

“What effects?” I asked him, eyeing him suspiciously, “You mean that box you put on the door caused effects?”

“Yeah, that box does something to the human brain. Basically, it shuts down for one minute straight. During that time, you’re frozen but you don’t notice it. I had it affect everyone on that floor.” He said, staring at the floor numbers. 34, 35, 36, 37, 39 the red box said.

“And why did you need to do that?” I asked.

“Let’s just say, the Commander doesn’t want everyone to know that one of the most wanted men is in the building.” He said, glancing at me. 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, the floors went on. When it finally reached floor 66, it opened its doors smoothly. No one was on this floor so Ajax took his time. We walked at a steady pace, down one hall, up a few stairs, down another hall, up a few stairs and down to a door. Ajax slowly opened it and we went in. A glass chandelier hung from the ceiling. A huge brown rug covered the entire space of the ground, so that no one could look through the floor. A few leather couches were put in the middle of the room. They were centered around a rectangular glass table. A nice table mat had been placed over the table saying ‘Coffee is natures  way of saying you’d better wake up’. The walls were painted a bright blue. As far as I could tell, these walls were the only ones not made of glass. The room was dimly lit with fake torches hanging on the walls. A fridge was placed at the far end of the room with a small stove and a microwave. The fridge was not a normal one though. It was also glass and by looking through it, I could see it full of nothing but coke. I smiled to myself. There was one window in the room. It was small but elegant and it was placed on the ceiling as a sky light. As my eyes scanned the room, I noticed something that made me jump. Ajax grabbed hold of my arm and unlocked the handcuffs. He walked behind me and opened the door.

“Have fun.” He said. And with that he closed the door. I looked back at the thing that scared me. It was huge and mighty. It started walking towards me. I fell to my knees in awe. It ran towards me. I threw open my arms and welcomed the huge lump of fur that was Sherlock. I was so happy to see him and apparently he was too. He pounced on me, knocking me down. He ran over to my head and started licking my face. I got up and scratched his ears and petted his head. He rolled over and I scratched his belly. Finally after he’d settled down, he sat in front of me as I gave him a huge hug.

“Where have you been Sherlock? I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” I said in a soft quiet voice. I leaned over and pressed his head against mine. His warm breath smelt awful but at that moment, it was the best thing ever. I sighed with joy. Then I noticed someone else was there, standing in the shadows. They walked over to me and offered me their hand.

“Hello, I’m the Commander. Now that I have brought you a sign of peace, I hope we can discuss the more important matters. Such as getting out of this stupid dream state.” She said. I took her hand and shooed it away. She smiled and we embraced in a hug. Yeah, it was awkward but you’d be doing the same thing. Because right there, black cloak and all, was the original Hazel.


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