Chapter 6: The Demon King

I didn’t know what the time was but it was turning dark. Hazel had been opening up a little more now that I knew what was going on. It was nice having her do most of the talking.
“So,” She finally said. “Tell me about your family.”
“What’s to tell? If you’ve been watching my family since we got here?”
“Just, tell me about them.”
“Alright. Who first?” I asked.
“The girl you were with. I’m guessing she’s your sister.”
“Annie is my 12 year old sister. She has a special connection with animals. She feels like she needs to prove herself to me, even though sometimes she doesn’t. She cares a lot about my approval though, it makes me feel better. Her moods are what get me though. If she’s happy, nothing can bring her down. If she’s sad, nothing can make her happy, except of course my jokes. After we watch an action movie, she’s all ‘I am a super spy with the code-name The black dodger’. When we watch a weird movie about a princess, which I watch by force from my mom, she’s all ‘My name is princess Alexia and you must address me as The Great Princess Of The North’. She gets on my nerves sometimes but she’s a great sister.”
“Okay, now tell me about your brother.”
“Why do you want to know about me family all of a sudden?”
Hazel looked at me and said, “It passes time.”
“OOOOOkkkkk, anyway, Mike is a muscle building wannabe and he’s getting close to becoming one. He likes to bend the rules in his favor and when he can’t do that, he pushes himself to the limit. He creates a certain air around him. Like when you walk up to him, you feel needed and you feel wanted. The certain air he creates makes people want to be around him more. Everyone loves him. When he gets in trouble the teachers just wave it off. They know he won’t do it again on purpose. He makes you trust him. The only reason the school wanted to get his hair cut was because he couldn’t see where he was going. He protested because he didn’t want to admit that he couldn’t see where he was going. That’s one of the things with my brother. He doesn’t like to admit defeat. I don’t think anyone does. He has a girlfriend and the only reason she isn’t here is because she has a cold. Her name is Cherokee. They were made for each other. Overall, he’s the best brother a brother could have.” I finished off.
We kept walking. The darkness crept from beneath the earth. The rays of the sun set were beautiful. Where ever you guys are I hope you can see this view I thought. I slung my bag off my back and let it swing in front of me. I unzipped it and got out the rest of the beef jerky. As I opened it up, the smell of beefy goodness floated through the air. I grabbed a big piece and started to nibble on it. Yeah that’s right, I nibble on beef jerky. My teeth are extra sensitive and I was lucky to have convinced mom of letting me have that.
“I thought you said that we would where my parents are in three hours.” I said.
“Well, we should’ve but the landscape has grown.” Hazel said.
“Wait, what? The landscape has grown? How is that possible? Oh, wait don’t tell me. Demons.”
Hazel stopped. We were in the middle of an open field. The moon had come up and was shining on the dead blades of grass. My shadow was cast upon the grass like a ghost from another realm. It was different from all the other times I’ve seen my shadow. This one seemed to be calling me. The wind carried the sound of my name. I moved my arm up and down and my shadow copied me. Like a puppet on a string I controlled it’s movements. If I raised a leg, it raised a leg. If I shook my head, it shook its head. I stopped waving my hand at the ground but my shadow kept on. It finally noticed I had stopped and stopped as well. I thought about telling Hazel. I looked at her. She was facing the other way, focussing on something in the field. I looked back at my shadow. I slowly reached down and squatted. My shadow did the same. I reached my hand out to the ground. My fingers were freezing cold from the weather. My hand hovered over the shadow. I was afraid to touch it, wondering what it might do. I just held my hand in the air. The shadow was growing weary of this game, I could tell. I was having second thoughts about touching it. I decided to not risk it. I got up and slowly turned half way around. Hazel and I were back to back. With my eyes still fixed on the shadow, I tapped Hazel on the shoulder.
“Hazel” I whispered, “My shadow is alive.”
“I know” She whispered back, “Mine is too.”
“Are they demons?” I asked.
“Yes.” She answered. I shuddered at the thought that I almost touched it.
“Are they here for me?” I couldn’t help it. Hazel said that the Demon king said that I would be his by nightfall. And this was as dark as it was going to get. I stole a glance at Hazel and she stole a glance at me. She slowly raised her arm and pointed towards the rest of the field. Shadows/demons were creeping across the ground towards me and Hazel. Hazel looked away from her shadow. She turned to the left and stared straight ahead. She took a few steps forward. I was about to do the same but Hazel said, “No. You stay there. Focus on your shadow.”
“Why?” I said.
“Because if you don’t keep an eye on it. It will grab you.” Hazel whispered.
“Wonderful.” I muttered. I turned back to my shadow. I could hear Hazel talking.
“Yeah, and you know what I told you? I told you he wouldn’t be.” Hazel said.
Must be talking about the threat the Demon King made
“Don’t make statements you don’t know are true.”
“Who are you talking to exactly?” I whispered. Hazel grunted furiously. She turned around, looked me in the eye and put her hand on my shoulder. I felt a small sting and the world got dizzy. I shook my head and looked around. I could see them. The shadows that were on the ground were now at full height. They towered over me. The biggest one was directly in front of Hazel. No doubt he was their king.
“Oh.” I said. We were surrounded. They had circled us. My shadow was now taller than me. All of the demons were shaped like humans but they had rings of black smoke wafting around them. They smelt awful. Their eyes were burning like a black fire. Their cackle rang through my ears. It sounded like a cat dying while gergaling water. I could also hear what the Demon King was saying.
“What. Did. You. Do?” I asked her through clenched teeth.
“I didn’t want to have to explain things to you, so I let you hear and see what I do.”
“He can hear usss?” The Demon King asked.
“Yeah.” Hazel said, turning back around to face the Demon King. “He can see you too.”
The Demon King looked at me. “Hahahaha. You are a weakling born from the weakest. You are nothing but tonight, you will become something new.” He harshly whispered. Hazel stepped a little closer to him. Her eyes were also burning, but not in the same way. Her eyes were burning bright with light.  Something grabbed me. I turned to see that the demon, once my shadow, was holding my arm in his firm, icy grip. He cackled. I yanked at the demon, trying to free my arm. No luck. I looked at Hazel. Hazel looked at me. She sighed.
“Did you look away?” She asked. I nodded in anger. I breathed in harshly and tried to pry the demons claws from my arm. The more I tried to peel it off, the tighter the grip got. I eventually stopped and listened to the conversation.
“Hazel. Is there anyway to get him to ease up on his grip?” I asked her.
“And thats why I told you to keep an eye on it.” Hazel said. The Demon King looked at Hazel and laughed.
“Hazel? That is exactly what you are. Your mind must be filled with haze to not see that I have won.”
“You haven’t won yet. You will never win.” Hazel said.
“You know why I let you live Hazel?” He said while pacing back and forth.
“You don’t let me live. I choose to live.” Hazel said watching him go back and forth.
“You just keep on telling yourself that. I let you live because at first, I thought you would be more amusing. You tire me with your arrogance. If you stand in my way, you will finally meet your demise. And believe me, I will greatly enjoy that.”
“Yeah, and you tire me with your empty threats. You can’t kill me and you know it.”
“Why can’t he kill you?” I asked.
“Because” Hazel replied “If he tries he knows I can tear his kingdom and army limb from limb. The only reason I haven’t done that already is because they haven’t done anything to awake my power.” The Demon King whispered something harshly to the Demon holding my arm. I couldn’t quite understand it. It was like it was in a different language. The Demon cackled. I looked at Hazel.
“What did he say?” I asked trying to keep the fear out of my voice.
“He gave the Demon permission to knock you cold and posses you.”
“WHAT?!” I yelled.
“That’s not going to happen though so you can stop worrying.” Hazel said confidently as she turned back to the Demon King.
“Well, it was nice talking to you, but we need to get going.” Hazel said as she turned to the Demon holding my arm. She smiled slightly and put her hand on the Demons chest. She gripped his dark skin tightly and her eyes began to burn brighter. The Demon screeched and let go of my arm. I stumbled and ran next to Hazel’s side. Hazel lifted the Demon up and held him in the air. She finally dropped him, and turned around. She was face to face with the Demon king. She didn’t flinch nor did she back down. She just stood there, eyes hot with white flames. Silence was all there was. Every Demon was waiting to see what their king would do. The injured Demon was hauled away by 3 other Demons. Finally, Hazel broke the silence.
“He has a choice.” Hazel said, “Let him choose.” And with that, she walked towards the other side of the field. I followed her of course. I’m not the one to follow usually but after what I had just seen, I was willing to follow Hazel anywhere.

Thank you for reading Chapter 6! Tell me what you think of Hazel in the comments below! 😀

6 thoughts on “Chapter 6: The Demon King

  1. Mermaidia April 20, 2015 / 10:41 pm

    Hazel is so mysterious… I LOVE IT!! I want to think she’s a demon that’s good, but I dunno… sooo gooood

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  2. mistyoceans April 21, 2015 / 2:36 pm

    Thank you so much! Remember this while you are reading: Nothing is random. 😀

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