Chapter 5: The Choice

Due to the cliff hanger being so cliff hangery, I have decided to not leave you in the dark. Some might say that leaving the reader in the dark is part of the suspense but I am my own writer and I WILL post this chapter today! 🙂 So! Without further ado, I present, Chapter 5! Let me know if you want me to post two chapters a week! 😛

I felt something. It hurt. I heard something. That hurt too. I saw something moving in the darkness. It was a weird shape. It was me. Oh not this again! I thought I was done meeting myself! Apparently not! He was running again. What is it with me and running?? I asked myself as other Johnny came closer. He was bright like he had just jumped into a sun. He looked better than my other self. He was wearing a bright robe with golden thread laced through it. His hair shimmered in the light he was projecting. His eyes were filled with hope. He was smiling, like he had just won a battle. He looked at me. His smile grew even wider. He stopped when he was about 5 feet away.
“So.” I said, “What’s with the robe?”
“Well, it’s really soft.” Other Johnny said.
“Is that all?” I asked
“No. No it’s not.” Other Johnny stepped closer. I shielded myself from the light.
“Whoa! You got a ‘not burning up your other selves eyes’ knob on that thing?” I asked. He put his hand on my shoulder.
“You know, you should stay hydrated!” Other Johnny said.
“What’s that got to do with anything?” I asked as I stood there waiting for an answer. He didn’t give me one. He just smiled, waved and walked away. I tried to chase him but guess what. My feet were glued to the ground. So I yelled instead.
“Hey! Where are—”. I didn’t get to finish. All of the darkness was bubbling away. Light was pouring in…
I opened my eyes. I was back in the forest. Hazel was standing over me.
“Uh…… Going to explain what just happened?” I asked.
“Well, for one thing you should always stay hydrated! You haven’t drunk anything since yesterday morning right?” Hazel said.
“You were dehydrated and you passed out. I’m guessing you saw something.
“You were only out for 20 minutes so that means that we haven’t lost that much time. And I know how you’ve seen something because you said ‘How’ and because of the way you are looking at me.”
I stared at her for a few moments. The sun was blinding my eyes and yet it felt welcoming. I sighed. There was no getting out of this. I looked into those dimly lit eyes.
“Well, I saw myself.” Hazel sighed and sat down next to me. “What else?” she asked.
“I saw memories. And I saw that memory when I first saw you running away. Except there were these black figures swarming all around Mike and Annie. You were talking to one.” I stopped for a breath.
Who has faith?” I asked her. I expected Hazel to tell me that it was a crazy dream. I wanted her to tell me that. I wanted this to be some weird coma I fell in after eating too many marshmallows. I wanted this to be story I was being read to while I was in my coma. I wanted to wake up and get to tell my family about the adventures I had with the mysterious girl named Hazel. Who just so happened to be wandering around in the woods right when I need help. This was beginning to sound like a grim fairy tale. Meanwhile, I was still waiting for an answer. I looked at Hazel seriously and she didn’t flinch. I could tell she was thinking really hard. She looked at me with those eyes. The eyes that say everything. They say the good and bad. They say the happy and sad. I should get into poetry! I thought. But those eyes said one word. You.
“The figure you saw” She began, “He was the king. The king of Demons. He wants to destroy you.” She got up. I could tell this was about to get really bad.
‘’ And why does he want me?” I asked, trying not to sound too cheesy.
“You have a choice.” She said. “You can go with what the Demon lord says or You can stay with me and find your family.”
“Well what does the Demon lord say?”
“He says you will be his by nightfall.” I gulped.
“A–and why does he want me?”
“Like I said you have a choice.” This time I stood up.
“What choice?”
She stared at me again. Her eyes wandered all around the forest and finally came to rest on me.
“You can give up now, go home and accept what has happened to you. You can believe what that note said and take on a new life. You can choose the easy way and accept your fate”
“Or?” I asked.
“Or you can keep on going. You can face hard trials and find out what happened to your family. And you can change your fate.”
I thought about it. It was a big decision. The way she talked about demons kinda reminded me of a friend. A friend who was a die hard Christian. He was obsessed with spiritual battles between Angels and Demons. He would always talk about how God was our true father and that Satan was the devil king. I had been to church a couple of times but I really never got the message. My friend was laughed at in school for believing such things. My mind was turning around just enough to make him notice. He gave me a waterproof bible before we left. “In your spare time, read a little. And after you’ve read, pray to God to help you understand what you’ve read. I’ll be praying for you!” was what he said. Him running after our truck smiling and waving was the last I saw of our little town. I missed him. We first met in the 6th grade one afternoon. Ben was the big, orange headed gamer, Christian who wasn’t in touch with his social side. I was the strong, copper headed, gamer nobody who needed a buddy. We would say hi to each other in the halls sometimes. But the real impact came when we both saw each other at a C.O.D championship game. We were rooting for the same team so it made sense that we’d sit together. We instantly connected and we’ve been buddies ever since. One time in 10th grade, we had worked our butts of training for the championship. We sent a video to the championship people and they accepted us. The tournament was 6 months away. 2 months later, my family decided to go camping and that’s where I am today. I bet if he was here, he would be freaking out! I chuckled and then I was shaken back to reality by Hazel.
“Oi.” She said.
“What? Oh, the choice… “
“You don’t have to answer now. It’s a big decision. But we do need to get going.”
Hazel turned to leave. I checked in my bag for the bible Ben gave me. I had to unzip the hidden pocket I had made to get to it. I reached to grab it but decided not to. I couldn’t read it while I was walking anyway. I slung my bag on my back and followed Hazel into the depths of the wood.

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