Chapter 3: The Figure

Hello again! This is Chapter 3 of my book. Please enjoy and I will post a new chapter next Thursday! Happy Spring Break!

It was dark. It was brave. And it creeped me out!! After I had finished half the bag of gummy worms, I had taken the blanket out of my bag, fixed snuffy in a good position and had gone to sleep. But I was woken up by a weird sound. I sat up and looked around. Useless without my trusty flashlight. I turned it on and continued to look around. I couldn’t see much from my angle but I located the sound. It was coming from a figure. A figure dressed in a dark cloak. It was standing no more than 5 feet away from me and it was staring at me. Kinda like how a dog stares at a bird, the stare the dog gives the bird is like saying, ”If you move, I eat you”. The sound it was making sounded like a phone ringing. Then I noticed something was glowing in its hand. It was an Iphone. More importantly, it was dad’s Iphone! The thing tossed the phone in my lap, as the sound carried with it. Still focusing the flashlight on the figure, I looked down briefly to study the phone. Yep, it was no doubt my dad’s phone. It had our family photo on the lock screen. The caller I.D said it was a random number. I didn’t have much of a choice answering it because the figure was staring at me so deeply. I pressed ‘accept’, held it up to my ear and listened. “Hello”? I asked.
“Hello! Hi! Sorry, is this the phone of Holland Krisk?”
“Yes! Who is this?” And how’d I get this type of reception in the middle of the woods?
“This is Andrew Coniby. Who is this?”
“I’m Johnny, Holland is my dad.”
“Oh! Well, hello Johnny! Your dad spoke a lot about you!”
“Really? He never mentioned you.”
“Well, I’m glad! I really don’t like publicity! Where’s your father?”
That was the moment of panic. Should I tell him? If so, the truth? That a cloaked figure is watching my every move. That my whole family is missing? That I’ve experienced things that if I told anyone about they would put me in the looney bin? Better not.
“Oh, he’s out hunting with my brother”.
Well at least that was true.
“Well, ok then! Where are you?”
“Gosh darn it! I’m always forgetting things! He did tell me at the office. Are you alone?”
Now that was a weird question. Why would he want to know that?
I looked at the figure. It looked more concerned by the minute.
“No sir, I’m not alone.”
“Where is your mother? Can I speak with her?”
“Uh…… Sorry sir, she’s busy teaching my little sister how to braid hair.”
Braid hair? What is this the 1950’s?
“Have you seen anything out of the ordinary lately?”
It hit me like a boulder to the head. All the questions he was asking. ‘Where are you’ and ‘Are you alone’ struck me as odd but this, this was a new level of creepy. Whoever this guy was, he didn’t know my dad and he was sure interested in me. He sounded a lot like those evil F.B.I agents on T.V. So no, I wasn’t going to trust him with any more information.
“I’m sorry, I really got to go.”
“Don’t you dare hang up on me Johnny.”
“The weenies are burning!”
“I don’t care about those weenies! You tell me the truth! HAVE YOU SEEN ANYTHING PARANORMAL?
“Weenies! They’re burning!”
His voice went from happy to sinister in less than a second.
“Johnny, there is an evil in that woods. It will get you soon. Don’t trust her! Don’t trust her Johnny!!!!!”
“Thanks a lot Mr. Andrew, you just made me waste a whole package of weenies. You made me let them burn! Now what am I going to eat? Now! If you’ll excuse me, I have to discard some of the best bratwurst in the world. Goodbye!”
I quickly hung up before he could respond and looked at the figure. It had moved. It was leaning against a tree, just a little closer to where I was sitting. Now that I wasn’t concerned about the noise, I could put all my attention towards the figure. I straightened my back so I looked taller. I looked to where the hood of the cloak started and tried to find the eyes. They were barely visible but I finally found them. Courage. That’s all I could see in those eyes. They weren’t afraid to come close to me. They weren’t afraid of what I might do. It looked like they had seen everything. Maybe they had. I looked straight into those eyes.
“Uh..Hi.” I said expecting no answer at all coming from something that just stared at me.
I jumped a little. What the heck? I heard a female voice. That explains why she couldn’t take her eyes off me. 🙂 She gave a slight wave and stood up straight. She put her hands on her hips so that her cloak was drawn back. She was wearing a black sleeveless shirt that was tucked into her blue skinny jeans. Her brown boots were covered in dirt. She had scars and bruises all over her arms. The hood of the cloak still covered her head so I couldn’t see her face. Over all, she looked like she had been in a war. Though she tried to keep it out of her way, her long dark hair kept peeking around her hips. I had seen girls at school who were beyond beautiful but this girl. She was no where near their standards. There was no single word to describe the beauty she possessed. I looked down at the phone still clutched in my hand. I had questions and I really wanted answers. But blurting out the questions would be plain rude. So I decided with the easiest question first.
“What’s your name?”
She looked at me and I got caught up in those eyes again.
“Hazel. You?”
“Johnny………Uh….Ok enough stalling! Where did you get this phone?”
“I found it.”
“I can’t show you from here, but I found it a couple miles that way.”
She pointed towards the campsite.
“Why’d you bring it to me?”
She walked over to my stuff and started packing everything back up.
“Whoa! Hey! What the heck do you think you’re doing?”
“I’m packing up your stuff, what’d you think I was doing.”
She looked me in the eye.
“Because you were in the photo on the phone and I thought it was yours. Also, I’m packing up your stuff because we need to get going.”
“Going where?”
She stopped and sighed. She looked away for a few moments and then looked at me again. Determination was all I could see.
“We’re going to find your parents and get all of you out of this stupid death hole someone called a forest.”
She zipped up my bag, handed it to me and turned to leave.
“Come on! We need to go!”
“Hang on!”
I looked in her eyes once more.
‘’Before we go, I have a question”.
“What is it?”
“Why were you watching us at our campsite?”
She turned around and crouched to my level. Her face was so close to mine, I could feel her breath on my face. She searched my eyes. She was looking for something, maybe to see if I held the same courage as she did. She stood up and walked away.
“Because–” She called from behind.
“I needed to see what I was up against’’.

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