Chapter 2: Paranormal Activity

First I would like to say that the first chapter was kinda eh. So please look forward to the new chapters! 

After breakfast, we really just hung out. Mike and Dad ran off into the woods. They said they were just going to walk around but I think that was an excuse to go hunting. Annie wandered off in the woods saying, and I quote, “I’m going to go find some wi-fi”. I burst out laughing as Mom ran after her. They didn’t come back for a while so I guess they decided to take a walk. Meanwhile I was left alone with Sherlock. I didn’t mind. The family assumed I could take care of myself. Either that or they knew that Sherlock would attack anything, and I mean ANYTHING, that would try to harm me. I just looked around. The trees were swaying slightly in the sun. The wind blew through the leaves, making a peaceful song of….well…peace. Everything was perfect in that moment. Everything still. Everything beautiful. Everything peaceful. Everything……not right. I spun around. It was never this quiet. It was never this peaceful. And where was Sherlock? He disappeared. Like he had never existed. I looked around frantically, calling his name. Nothing. Come to think of it, the trees were still moving. I turned in a circle and stood at the edge of our campsite. I ran around looking at every blade of grass. Every bush, I inspected. I almost had a heart attack right then and there. Yeah, it would be normal for every piece of greenery to be moving in the wind….all in sync. It would be normal if all of my family just so happened to be missing at the exact moment all this happened. And it would be totally NORMAL if all of this was going on, all of these things moving at the exact same time. With. No. Wind. So you know what I did? I ran. I ran farther and farther and farther. I didn’t couldn’t stop running. I’m pretty sure I got 100 cuts and 1,000 diseases but I didn’t care. I ran and ran and ran until I almost died. I didn’t know where I was or how long till night fall. All I knew was that I needed to find my family, never go back to the campsite again, and get out of the woods back to civilization. I also knew that I ran in a completely straight line, so if I were to go back, I could find my way. I settled down and looked around. It was extremely different from the campsite. There were more trees and thankfully, these weren’t moving. I looked down to inspect the dirt and grass. Normal as far as I could tell. ”Now what?” I asked as I looked at the sun. Not directly of course, then I would be blind. It was almost night time. “But we just ate breakfast!” I said, “There’s no way it could be night time”. I looked back to the little road I had paved while running for my life and sanity, as if it would answer me. The wind blew furiously, pushing me back towards my camp. I fought to stay put, but the wind was too strong. My feet left the ground and I was flung backwards. It was as if I giant has picked me up and pushed me back towards the campsite. And I couldn’t do a thing about it. I tried to grab hold of branches to help me stop, but my hands were too sweaty. Adrenaline pushed through my veins as I finally found a strong enough branch to keep me still. I yelled in pain as my arm almost fell out of its socket. I held tightly to the branch with all my might and closed my eyes. The wind was roaring through my ears, trying to tear me from the branch. I could feel my hands slipping and I opened my eyes and looked down. I was about 15 feet up above ground. And it was then that I was so glad that I was never afraid of heights. I almost lost grip but suddenly…the wind stopped. But it didn’t matter if there was wind or not, I fell straight down. I landed in such a weird way none of my bones were broken but I still have scars from to this day. I was so happy that the wind from the belly of the underworld didn’t kill me. Yet, I was freaking out because of the wind from the underworld! My head was swarming with questions like, Why didn’t the wind kill me?, What is up with these woods?, Where is everyone? and Why was the wind pulling me toward the one place that is somehow paranormal? Since I didn’t have anything else to do and I had no answers, I decided to look for my family. I looked down at the path and mentally measured the distance the wind had taken me. “So, that’s about three fourths of the way back to the campsite!” I said. It scared me to think that I was that close to the place where everything went a paranormal. “Aw, come on! Where’s a ghost hunter when you need one?”. I thought back to what direction Mike and Dad headed off too. I figured if I found them first, even if they didn’t believe me, they would at least help me look for Mom, Annie and Sherlock. I looked at the sky. The sun was gone. I wondered how I didn’t notice the darkness. “Great, now there’s no way of telling what direction is where. Guess I’ll just wait till morning.” I walked off towards the campsite. Yeah, I know that’s where everything bad is happening but, I really want my bag. I crept slowly towards the tents. My eyes wide, expecting anything to happen. It looked a little different than before. I couldn’t place my finger on it for the longest time. Then it hit me. The tents. All the tents except mine, were gone. I checked in my tent and found nothing that belonged to Mike. I went to the area where Mom, Dad and Annies tent was. There was no evidence that the other tent was there. Even the dirt covering the area where the tent was, now had grass growing. It looked like someone had tried to cover up my family camping there and made it looked like I was the only one. The fire Dad built, now looked sloppy as if I had made it. Sherlock’s water bowl and food were also gone. I ran back to my tent and reached underneath my sleeping bag. I felt something thin so I pulled it out for a better look. It was a white note and typed in red ink were the words:

You have no Time. You have no family. You will never see them again so stop looking. Your name is Dylan Hunt. You ran away from NYC Orphanage. You’re camping until you can find a new identity. You don’t have a job. You don’t go to school. You are a runaway. You’re parents died in a train crash. You never had any siblings. No one cares about you. Your memories of your family are fake. You never had a family. You never had a dog. You hate writing and drawing. You are a bad kid. This is who you are. You cannot run from who you really are. Your family is dead. Stop looking.

I stared at the note for a little while. “Stop looking? Phff! I haven’t even started!” I mumbled as I crumpled up the paper and put it in my pocket. Some people that would destroy, well I’m not some people. This was just a note some guy left to scare me into thinking my life was a lie. It was a poor excuse for a kidnapping. Don’t get me wrong, I was scared to death of what was happening to me. But Dylan Hunt. Really? Dylan Hunt was the name on the gravestone I pass every time I go to the cemetery to visit my grandma. And if they really wanted me to ‘stop looking’, they wouldn’t have said it so often. I moved towards the damp log where my bag was. Amazing that a bear hadn’t gotten it yet. I quickly grabbed it and left. When I had gotten to a safe distance, I opened it up. Inside my bag I had my notebook, my pens, one bag of jumbo beef jerky, a pack of gummy worms, a flashlight, an emergency blanket and a tooth brush. I also packed my favorite pillow. A comforting stuffed dog smiled up at me. I had gotten a pillow pet for my 11th birthday and we had become best friends. I named him Snuffy. I patted his head and ate some gummy worms. A branch snapped behind me. I grabbed my flashlight and turned around. There was nothing there. I decided it was nothing and continued eating. This time, I heard a larger branch fall and snap. “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me”. I said as I turned around once more. I expected to see nothing. And you know what I saw? Nothing.

New chapter next Thursday! 🙂


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