How not to be bored!

Boredom. The world is full of it. So I have a few ideas on how to make the boredom go away! So when ever you’re like this:

Just look at this list! 😀 Heh-heh…rhymed. 🙂

1. Just think.

2. Look at something and think about how it got there.

3. Look for certain shapes. 

4. Pretend you’re psychic.

5. Pretend you have an imaginary friend to freak out the person next to you.

6. Think of your favorite T.V show. Think about an episode or movie you’ve already seen based off of the T.V show. Twist the plot to where you come in and save the day or destroy everything. Add and take away characters as needed. 

7. Think about old friends and what they might be doing.

8. Imagine what you would be doing if you had the one thing that wouldn’t make you bored.

9. If you’re in an open space, let your inner spy out. You can find someone to spy on or you can create gadgets from the items around you.

10. If you have a notebook, draw a random story or create a funny comic.

11. If you’re outside, run really fast like something is chasing you! Because something is!

12. If you’re in a restaurant, imagine going up to someones table and doing something crazy.

13. If you’re in a crowd, try to listen to one of the voices you hear. 

14. Listen to the patterns of noise around you and make a song.

15. If you’re in a building, then imagine a giant pot of lava pours in from the ceiling. What would you do?

16. Imagine everyone in the world freezes but you. What would you do? Would you run around acting crazy? Would you go to the store and eat everything? 

17. Close your eyes and focus on the black that you see. You can see outlines of shapes. Focus on those and guess what they are!

I hope I helped you! 


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