My Childhood Shows Re-Written

Hello there peoples! I just want to talk about the old shows that I used to watch. Now, keep in mind, I don’t need to go waaay back, just back. 🙂 Let’s see, Bob the builder was a show that was popular. CAN WE FIX IT?*Bob the Builder* YES WE CAN! Now Bob was replaced by the new ‘Handy Manny’. A Spanish builder with talking tools…just like Bob except Bob wasn’t Spanish. Now, I’m not saying it’s not a good show but I think Bob the Builder was better. The people who run the T.V companies really want young kids to learn Spanish. Speaking of Spanish, let’s look at Dora. It had changed so much! First of all, Boots(the monkey) used to sound like a regular monkey should. Now he sounds like he’s full of helium. And Dora’s hair is longer. And, this is not because I’m older but, Dora has gotten cheesier. Waaay cheesier. Why do people think that just because kids are born in a more modern age than the last, that they expect more? They can watch the same things I did because what I watched was awesome. But now, the awesome stuff is now on video tapes. I mean, Mary-Kate and Ashley? My favorite thing to watch in the truck. Hahahaha, I just realized something. They would bike across the entire united states and still be home in time for lunch. They wouldn’t even have to ask if they could go or not. Not to mention in one episode, they made a rap about how they hated their lil sister and how they wanted her to ‘Butt out’. Wow, and I went around singing that rap. 0_0 Even my childhood shows have a deeper and maybe darker meaning behind them…..MUHAHAHAHAHA! 

I’m just messing with you….or am I?


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