How Our Computers Have Advanced

Welcome to

I will not be needing a piano…thankfully. So let me tell you something really important.

Guess what? I’m gonna do an internet!


Hahaha….yeah. So, today I’m going to talk about computers! Computers are so complex. So many things happening at once on your tiny little device. Computers that used to take up entire rooms, can now sit snugly in your pocket. Yes, your phone counts as a computer. As long as it uses google, it is considered a computer. So many things whisking about in your little device.  Look at this thing!

Not enough to ‘wow’ you? Well, how bout this?

Yeah… a lot more about you stupid phone now don’t you? Look at that thing! It’s so huge! I have put together a little presentation featuring, ‘George, Betty and Mike’.  It used to be all:

George: “Honey! Get off the land line, I need to call in to my boss and tell him I’m sick!”

Betty: “No George! I have to make sure Peggy is there when we start our knitting circle in the park!”

Mike: “Parents! Please keep it down! I can’t hear the next-door radio!”

Now it has turned into:

“Honey! My boss sent me an email telling me I could stay home from work!

Hold on George! I need to make sure Peggy is there we when go out to Chick-Fil-A for our knitting circle!”

Guys! I need to concentrate on finishing Five Nights At Freddy’s 3!

Not much of a difference but there’s still a difference. 🙂 Kinda the opposite with the Doctor though. He is different each regeneration but still the same. 😀

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