Question Files Part 19

Welcome to the Question Files Part 19! I really just want to go right to the question because it is such a good one! AHHH! I’m so excited! I literally look like this right now!

Or this!

Now for the question!!!!!

 “Can people have too much enthusiasm?”

HAHAHAHA! I am totally going to make a blog post just about Doctor Who gifs :D. So, can people get way to excited? Oh yes they can. So, my example this time was in the beginning. I was so very excited about a simple blog post. But just to be clear, I do not have too much enthusiasm! 😀 😀 It’s like those commercials that say things like, “BUY NOW! THE SUPER AWESOME CUP! IT LET’S YOU POUR LIQUIDS IN IT, AND DRINK OUT OF IT! IT EVEN COMES IN DIFFERENT COLORS! BUY NOW AND GET ONE FREE! THAT’S RIGHT! YOU GET TWO AMAZING SUPER-AWESOME CUPS!”.  Although it is sometimes appropriate to have that much excitement, some things are meant to not have so much excitement. Like at funerals you don’t want to be jumping off the walls. You would want to be respectful and contain your energy. But at restaurants when you’re serving someone, you don’t want to be gloomy and act like you hate your life…for some people, life isn’t so fantastic. You may be on the streets but hey, at least your still breathing! You are alive! Don’t take that for granted. Have a fantastic day! 


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