Question Files Part 18

Welcome to the Question Files Part 18! This is going to be fantastic! Haha! You are in for such a treat, prepare yourselves for a Doctor Who overload!! So, really quick I just want to say that this week will be filled with Question Files! To all who wear glasses, know this! 

“Are simple joys as valuable as complex experiences?”

Well, this should be a 

file! So, through life we experience simple and complex joys. A simple joy might be described as a hug from your best friend or a simple joke. A complex joy might be described as a kiss from your lover or your dream college accepting you. So can you love a simple joy more or as much as a complex joy? Yes, yes you can. A simple joy can be the most complex joy you ever feel! Like a hug from your dad or mom, might not be so special to you. But to someone who doesn’t usually get that from their parents, that would be such a complex joy! Now, putting all this to the side for a moment. Some of you may be wondering why I include Doctor Who gifs and jokes in my essays. Well, wordpress reaches a lot of people and one of them is bound to get my jokes. Besides, if they don’t get my jokes, they go looking them up and then a new Whovian pops up! Because there are,

🙂 So, my answer is yes. Simple joys can be enjoyed more or the same as complex joys. WHOA! I just got a Lord Of The Rings flash back! It’s all coming back to me! Gandalf! 

What if Doctor Who and Lord Of The Rings had a mash up? The Doctor would be like:

Have a great one! Allons-y!

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