Question Files Part 16

Welcome to the Question Files Part 16! How was your winter break? Mine was awesome. I woke up and gamed all day! And to top it all off, I worked a camera in Church and I also got to go to wedding and dance! Now you might say,”What is so special about working the camera?”. Well, you know those online Church videos where the pastor is walking back and forth along the stage? Or those lectures of people in a college? How are you seeing the image? Through your phone yeah, but because of the camera, you are seeing what you are seeing. That is how important a camera is at an event like Church or a lecture. So in the comments please tell me what you did over winter break! Now lets get into the question!

“Is it more courageous to show vulnerability than it is to show strength?”

Wow……think about that for a minute. Is it braver to show your not so strong, or to show you have strength? Hmm. Example! Say you were giving a speech and you were really nervous. Your palms are sweaty and your hands are shaky. You feel really cold and you think your about to faint. They call your name. You walk up to the podium. You wipe your sweaty palms on your leg as they leave a wet, sticky residue on your brand new jeans. You breath out and think why you couldn’t have brought a breath mint. You look into the crowd and say your speech, acting strong, like it was something you did everyday. So, was it braver to show your nervousness or your strength. Ok kinda hard to picture, let me try another way. You are going through a difficult time in your life. You feel like a fiery ball of rage, anger and sadness. You want to punch through a wall and at the same time….break down in a puddle of tears. So let me ask you: Is it braver to show that you are sad or to push through it with strength? Well that is a very deep question and it takes time to answer. By the way, in all my Question Files(if u don’t notice) I try ask you guys your opinions too. Whatever answer I give, it is my opinion, so feel free to give me yours. 🙂 Anyway, my answer is to push through it with strength. You can turn the sadness into strength and push through. To me, crying about it won’t do anything but make me cry more, so I try to turn my sadness into strength. I guess that’s what the Doctor did. He destroyed his planet to save his people and he now tries to save other planets and species because of what he did. I think he’s awesome, how can you not be awesome when your 2000 years old?! 😀


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