My English Semester Report

‘Ello mate, and welcome to my semester report. This semester I learned a whole lot of things. Like things I already know, things I didn’t know, things I wished I’d never known because of how complicated and hard they were. But not to worry, you shall not be bored. I will try and make it sound as fun as possible! But enough chatter, come along Ponds let’s take a look.

Mind Maps

The very first thing I learned about in English was how to make a mind map. This was actually quite fun. You make one circle with your subject in it. Then you create lines to other circles with side subjects branching off of the main one. Then you make some more circles branching off of your side circles that are branching off of the main circle and so on. This is basically what you end up with:

 Or if you have a GIANT essay or speech, you can make a mind map like this:

I think mind maps are important because it is a fun way to organize your thoughts. It has to be one of my favorite things to do when preparing a big essay. It’s quick, easy and fun. I like mind maps.


This is second thing I learned in English(and no I will not be starting out each point with, “This is the twenty- eighth thing I learned in English!”. That get’s old fast.). So what you do is you take your mind map and turn it into writing. Like a rough draft but not as detailed. Your basically writing down all the points. I used a outline to help me with this essay! Heck, I am looking at it right now! 😀 So this is how a simple outline looks for the subject of a random kid’s everyday life.


Point one

Point two

Point three

Main point


Or at least, that’s what my interpretation of a simple outline is. Here is a very detailed outline.


Point one



what look like

Point two





Point three



person they like

Main point



what they were doing

what they are doing

what they will be doing

Now if that isn’t detailed, then call me a Tardis manual and throw me in a supernova……don’t actually do that, throwing me in a supernova would cause me a great deal of pain. I don’t really enjoy outlines as much as mind maps. Mind maps seem so much more inviting and fun! When I hear the word, ‘mind map’ I think, “awesome”! When I hear the word, ‘outline’ my brain goes, “Cannot comprehend what a person would do with a Outline, when a mind map is so much more effective and fun.” And then it shuts down until I get a coke. 😀 

Rough Draft

So, after your outline is complete, you can start on your rough draft. Everyone knows what a rough draft is! I kinda like rough drafts. All you have to do is write down your interpretation of the assignment in a couple paragraphs. And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about spelling or grammar mistakes. You can breeze through it without looking back. This is a little example of what a rough draft is.

Johnnny’s wonder ful time at the beach

Hi, Im johnny and thia ix about the time i had at the beach. i woke up at 4;00 am in the morning and i packede up and left the house to the beach. i had a great time playieng in the ocean and swimmin in the pool. i love that the sun was soo hot and that i could cool off at the beach water park. i loved the beach and wishe i couldve stayed longer. i asked my parrents about it and they said , ”no we cannnto stay becuase you have shcool tomorrrow. i sayed ok and we left at 7;00pm in the night. We had supper at a fancy resturant called top of daytoona. It was a great day and i hopee i go back.

So that was a rough draft. No, I did not set it around anyone in particular, I just made a random example rough draft. Now what I just did was just writing down all my thoughts on Johnny and his trip to the beach. I didn’t check for grammar and I didn’t check for spelling. I just wrote it all down. Actually, it was pretty hard to misspell the words and not make certain changes! 😀

Final Draft 

So, for the final draft, we make all the necessary changes. We will use the rough draft from earlier as our example.

Johnny’s Wonderful Time At The Beach

Hi, IJohnny and this is about the time I got to go to the beach. I woke up at 4:00 in the morning and I packed up and left the house to go to the beach. had a great time playing in the ocean and swimming in the pool. I loved that the sun was so hot and that I could cool off at the beach water park. I loved the beach and wished could have stayed longer. asked my parents about it and they said,”No we can’t stay because you have school tomorrow. I said, “Ok” and we left at 7:00 pm. We had supper at a fancy restaurant called ‘Top Of Daytona’. It was a great day and I hope I go back soon.

So now we see the final draft. It is all finished and all of the mistakes I noticed are in ‘Bold print’. Now we can post it to where ever we are supposed to. That is all I learned about paragraphs and writing during this semester.

Essays and Book reports

Now I’ve had my share of large essays and book reports. My book reports include: Tale of Two cities v.s The Scarlet Pimpernel, With Clive in India, Out on the Pompas and a few more. Mostly all of my posts have been directed from my English teacher. Like the Question Files! Man! I love that series! My teacher gives me a question, and I make a short essay about it and it is fun as it can be! I love writing them and I hope you enjoy reading them. I have so many essays! Just about anything on here that is super random, is me. Everything else, essays. Sigh. My first five page essay was called ‘Music’. Man, I don’t think I did so well on that one. 🙂 Well, I learned a lot in English this semester, and my next Question File post will be in the new semester! Can’t wait! Well, I can but it’ll be hard. See, I write an essay almost everyday. Thing is, I have an decider. A decider is a person who looks over my essays and decides if they are good enough for the public. Sometimes, my decider doesn’t get back to me in the way and time I’d be hoping for so my essays are delayed a bit. That’s why I upload a lot of essays at once and then wait a while. But don’t worry, I will fix this problem! I just need a little Doctoring and a lot of space and time! 😀


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