The Sun

The sun gives us all our heat and light. It provides us with reasons to jump in pools and run through sprinklers.

So the sun is HUGE, we all know that but did you know how huge? It’s about eight hundred sixty-five thousand miles! 0_0 You know those pictures you see of explosions on the sun? Those are called ‘Sun quakes’. Much like earth quakes, sun quakes shake the surface of the sun but occur much more often then earth quakes. The sun also has a North and South pole! Because scientists study the sun and the behavior of the quakes and flares, they are able to use the information to find out not only of what the sun’s core looks like, but the earth’s core as well! How awesome is that?

The sun is a major resource in our everyday lives. Without the sun, there would be no heat. And because the moon reflects against the sun, we wouldn’t have any moon light. Not to mention that without a sun, we would freeze to death and have no light in the night. But the sun is also a problem because one day it will expand, burning the planet. O_O Yeah, and what about those sun parasites that can posses a human body and basically fry them with their eyes? Hmm? What if the Doctor is off with Clara showing her Midnight when it happens? What then? How will we survive? Fortunately, the Doctor always turns up where he needs too! 🙂


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