West Indian Wars

Hello there mate, ready to learn stuff you already know? 🙂 Today we will be focusing on the West Indian Wars. Cue dramatic ‘bum bum bum’, cue sad music, lights, camera, 3, 2, 1 and wait for it—–wait for it——-and almost there——action.

So we know that the Americans were pretty brutal back then the Indians. And we also know that when we look at a map this is what we see.

See that area over there where there’s New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and Colorado? Do you think that they just happened to be uninhabited? That no one would dare go near that place because in one to two thousand years so and so would be living in a big house with a light up pad and a phone that talks. Well if you did then you gonna learn today! So even after there were states, Indians still inhabited some parts. But the U.S government wanted to expand westward. So they decided to kick the Indians out of their new home. Remember when we talked about the trail of tears and they moved the Indians westward? Well guess what, their doing it again! How cruel can we be? And that’s not even the worst part! It wasn’t enough to force them to move westward, so they captured the Indians and forced them to live in small, territories set aside for them. That’s nice and all but this caused war. Now that doesn’t surprise me, I mean wouldn’t you fight if you were forced to live in a small territory and sleep next to your ‘how am I even related to you’ cousin? But fortunately two tribes resisted all they could. Aww, ain’t that sweet? We go hero’s even in the 1800’s! One of the two tribes was named the Apache. They fought many battles and were the bloodiest of Indian wars. They were led by a Chief called–wait for it– Geronimo. My mind….is blown. Anyway he fought and fought and fought and fled away from the army. He was captured eventually and spent the rest of his days in the small territory. The next army that resisted was the Nez Perce tribe and the famous Chief Joseph (even thought he was one of the main leaders of the tribe he still remains so famous). They didn’t want to fight but were forced to by protecting their tribe. After of which many battles, he led the tribe to Canada where they would be safe. They traveled a total of 1,170 miles before getting captured and taken to the small territory. Just to let you know, there were more than one small territories. Hey, but the Indians have had some great victories! Like the battle of Little Big Horn. Where the Lakota Indians were led by Chief Crazy Horse into battle. They won as they slaughtered two hundred sixty-eight soldiers and fifty-five were  wounded. But through time the Indians have been massacred for no reason other than for expansion. Most of the violence was over by 1890. But the good thing is they are widely respected now and I’m very glad. Oh, and one more thing, GERONIMO! 😀 😀 😀


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