The Life Cycle Of The Blue Morpho Butterfly

Hello and welcome to the life cycle of the Blue Morpho butterfly! Today we will be looking at–wait for it— a butterfly! Ah, the butterfly, the beauty, the excitement, the fact that its just a noodle between two B’s! When I was little, we had a butterfly growing station in our class. We all got worms and named them, I named mine Clare( mainly because the that was the only name I loved at the time and I named my webkinz that). We put them in a butterfly growing thingy and watched over time as they formed into butterfly’s! If I were to go back now, I would probable tell the guy I liked that I liked him, talk down the bratty girls, and break all the rules like a boss…oh, and I would watch the cycle of a butterfly’s life again. 🙂 Today we will be talking about a very specific type of butterfly, one you may or may not be fimilliar with. The Blue Morpho! Yay! Let’s get started.

The Egg

A mother butterfly lays her eggs on the bottom of a leaf so that nothing can harm them. She also sticks the eggs on the leaf with some all natural sticky stuff, kinda like glue. The eggs hatch in about nine days tops. The eggs are a light green color and from egg to adult the Blue Morpho lives only about one hundred fifteen days. 

The Caterpillar

When the egg is hatched, all the caterpillar wants to do is eat. Some studies show that sometimes they even eat each other! Imagine your walking along one day, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and you decide to take a nature walk. You spot something on the bottom of a leaf and you see the most horrific thing ever imaginable! A caterpillar eating another caterpillar! Well, it wouldn’t be scary, more scaring. Anyway, the caterpillar eats mostly leafs of the pea plant family…and it’s own kind! MUHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously though…that happens. The Blue Morpho caterpillar is brown with large green spots. It also has prickly hairs on its back to irritate enemies when they try to eat it. It takes four to six periods of time between getting ready to molt. 

The Cocoon

The process the caterpillar takes to build its cocoon takes awhile. Over time the caterpillar turns into a liquid that slowly becomes the butterfly. The butterfly’s cocoon turns a jade-green color and they wait to come out till their ready. Some butterfly’s wait till the spring, but others just come out whenever. When the cocoon is messed with before its time, it emits a sonic sound wave to ward off enemies. 

The Butterfly

When it is ready, the butterfly comes out of its cocoon. When it comes out, the body is fat with all the liquid from the caterpillar. The butterfly pumps the juice threw to its wings and the butterfly looks regular. It only has two to three weeks to eat and mate after becoming an adult. Since it no longer needs to chew, it drinks instead. What does it drink? Well, that’s a little disturbing. It drinks rotting fruit, tree sap, fungi, wet mud and–wait for it–the flowing liquids of dead animals. Yeah, think about that next time you let one land on your finger. 🙂 The Blue Morpho is one of the largest butterfly’s in the world, reaching a wing span from five to eight inches! They live in the forests of Latin America from Mexico to Columbia. They’re wings (top side) is a brilliant blue(thus Blue Morpho) and the underside is brown with black spots that look like eyes. To enemies, when they fly, the Blue Morpho seems to be appearing and disappearing. 

Thank you for reading my essay on the Blue Morpho Butterfly Life Cycle. Wow, that’s a mouthful. If a Blue Morpho were to mate with a Spicebush Swallowtail( a black butterfly) then we’d probably have ourselves a new species. Lets name it, ‘The Time And Relative Dimension ISpace butterfly. 🙂

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