The Career Of James Monroe

Hello, and welcome to a short story sum up of the career of James Monroe! Yay! Now, before we get started I just want to talk about the weather. IT’S STINKING COLD OVER HERE! Now we may not be getting snow but it’s still cold! It’s fourteen degrees outside! Now, I know I shouldn’t be complaining because where some people are living it’s negative fourteen degrees. And some people don’t even have a house…or heat…or warmth….or a pillow. Some people don’t have computers to look up stuff on or watch videos on. Look at us. We cry and complain when we only get fourteen likes on a post when we wanted fifteen. We feel like our world is going to end when the power goes out. Ever heard of a library?! They’re free to use and they don’t cause early death! Unless you hit someone in the head with it! Then you have a chance of dying early…..actually it depends on the size of the book…if it was a giant one then, yeah… might die early. Yeah, might want to stay away from a library or a book store if you know your friend got fourteen likes and you got fifteen. Anyway without any further ado, because we have had plenty of that, I present the career of James Monroe.

James Monroe was born in 1758 in Westmoreland, Virginia. His Great-grandfather settled there first in 1650 thus the name Westmoreland Country. He was tutored by his mother until the age of ten when he started to attend the Cambell Town Academy until he was sixteen. His father died in 1774 and James inherited the plantation. The very same year James went to college at the College Of William and Mary. He dropped out of college a year later to join the Continental Army and never returned to school. I say good for you James! Who needs college when you can go around risking you life to save your country! He was wounded in the Battle Of Trenton and recovered, and was promoted a colonel till 1783 when the war ended. During the last three years of the war, he began studying law under Thomas Jefferson. After the war he passed the bar and began practicing law in Fredricksburg, Virginia. His political career started after his election to the Virginia House of Delegates. He was elected to the Senate in 1790 and was Secretary of State and Secretary of War under James Madison in the War of 1812. In 1816 he became the 5th president of the United States! The first years of his presidency were called the Era of good feelings. The treaty of 1819 gave the U.S. land in the pacific northwest and gave them ownership of Florida. Mid 1819 was the start of economic panic that lasted until 1821. James signed the Missouri Compromise. And he instated the Monroe Doctrine in 1823. During his presidency five states were added: Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine and Missouri!

I hope you enjoyed my essay on the career of James Monroe! In the comments below please tell me what temperature it is where you are and tell me if you are obsessed with your phone or if you know anyone who is.

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