The California Gold Rush

Ello ello ello! Welcome to the California Gold Rush! Now, this is a very interesting topic. Mainly because we get to see the early mob of people who eventually populated California! Did you know that more people live in California than in the entire area of Canada? Yep, either California is huge or not a lot of people live in Canada…hmm. Anyway, let’s get started! 

The California Gold Rush started by a man named John Stutter. He was trying to build a saw mill when he saw some yellow flakes on the ground. He took a closer look and found out that it was, in fact, gold. He told another man but told him to keep it a secret. But, of course, secrets get out and it soon spread all the way to the east coast. Now there were three over all ways to travel to California, you could go on the Oregon and California trails that would take about four to six months. Then there was the water route. It would go from Cape Horn all the way around South America and that would only take like six to eight months! And then there was the Panama route, it was established a little later, but it was over water and it would take about one month. So as time went on, the gold got harder and harder to find because of the amount of people kept growing. Most people who got there a little late didn’t get any gold at all. Gold wasn’t easy to get, you probable saw it in the cartoons where they would put the dish in the river and swish it around till they had some gold. But some people got so tired of trying, they resorted to stealing others gold and just being plain lazy. But after the rush was over California became more civilized and proper. And that’s the story of the gold rush! YAY! 

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