Question Files 14

Welcome to the Question Files Part 14! We haven’t done one of these in awhile. Well for you it’s been like a few days but for me it’s been like a long time  FOREVER! 🙂 So, today I learned a very important life lesson. Don’t buy crappy computers. Excuse my language(if it offends you) but the computer…this computer… driving me CRAZY  INSANE! This computer is only supposed to last like one year! This proves that Apple is better than Microsoft. My family used a P.C and that lasted a total of about 2 years and was super slow. But then we got a Mac Book Pro. It lasted us 7 or 8 years and it’s still going strong! It was fast and it could hold so much info! Now let’s look at the facts that I have mentioned. Right now it looks like the Mac Book Pro is the winner. And it should and will stay that way. 🙂 Now all these other company’s like Sam Sung and Android, they make commercials about how much better they are than Apple and how they’re brighter and blah blah blah blah blah. They know that people will buy their products because of the ‘science’ behind it or the truth about Apple(there is no dark truth about apple btw). They think we’re too stupid to go to our computers and look up the real information about their company’s and find out that their slow and glitchy and that they steal your money. I know someone who watched one of those commercials and then met up with a friend. They told them about an app that they saw on the ipad in the commercial and found it on their ipad. They were talking about how the commercial was showing how better the quality was on their company’s tablet. They they went outside and the friend turned down the brightness all the way. When the friend asked if that was what it looked like, they said yes. So that proves that these company’s are just marking out Donut Center and putting Do Not Enter! Now let’s dive into the question. Btw….your argument is invalid.

“Is most of what people buy totally unnecessary?”

Well, we have no need to decipher this question. Let’s get into the example. So let’s say you went to the store, and you bought a radio. You went back to the store and saw a 2 in 1 radio and C.D player and you bought that. Then you found a T.V for only $20 and it had a C.D player and a radio, but you could still watch movies. And then you saw a phone, with a radio app and you could buy your favorite songs and movies! So you bought that. So do you really need a radio, a 2 in 1 radio and C.D player, a T.V with a built in C.D player and a radio, and a phone? NO,YOU DON’T! You probably only need a phone. Like how some people have radios or inner-coms in their houses and yet they still yell from the other side of the house and still they turn on Pandora. My answer is yes. We do buy things that are totally unnecessary. Like when you get a new puppy and you decide to get a dog bed and the puppy grows and now it sleeps with you so the dog bed is really useless. It’s like having a Mac and a P.C in the same house. Or it’s like having a vortex minipulator and a Tardis. What the point? You can either have a less bulky Tardis or you can have a bigger one the INSIDE, never ending, Tardis with a 1950’s police box disguise. I choose Tardis. 

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