With Clive In India

Welcome to my book review of With Clive In India! Let’s look into the depth of adventure and excitement hidden within this book. I can’t wait to get started and I really hope you enjoy this. 

With Clive In India is about a family that looses their father. As a last resort the mother calls her father asking him to help out–money wise. The grandfather accepts and takes his eldest grandson named Charlie, who was 16 years old, and prepares to enter him into the army. During one of his trips to India, Charlie runs into some un-agreeable people on the water. After this experience, he inquires an Irish servant, who is loyal to his word. In India, he is with war captain Clive and they undergo dangers and events that will leave you wanting more. 

This story was a very good one. I found it very interesting and I hope you will be reading this book sometime in the distant future. What I liked best about it was that it had that certain type of setting. That setting where there’s really no end to the adventure. Like it was a Doctor Who episode that lasted forever…better yet, a mash up of all the Doctor Who episodes from season one to season eight! That would take a total of *counts fingers* *mumbles to self* 15 and a half days! That is a lot of watching! Anyway, despite my likes, I also have dislikes. I didn’t like the title. It’s called “With Clive in India”. Why not something like “Charlie’s Journey” or “Charlie in India”? 

So over all I think this was a fine book and I encourage you to read it if you’re into this type of stuff. 

-(This is dedicated to my brother, who hopefully will read this book)


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