The Trail Of Tears

Hello hello hello! Welcome to the essay that proves that back then, we American’s were snobs. Yes there we great people in the 1800’s but we were real bullies. We actually had the nerve to kick the Native American’s off their lands and claim it as our own. We are STUPID. Anyway back to the actual point.

The trail of tears was a trail that the Indians took while moving from the outskirts of Georgia to the outskirts of Oklahoma. Now before the trail, the Americans would find land ,that was already inhabited by the Indians, and they would chase them out. George Washington didn’t want the Indians and Americans to fight, so he made a goal for himself on behalf of the Indians. He said that the Indians could stay in the state if they were able to fit in. By ‘fit in’ I mean, adopt local cultures, No wars against the Americans, that type of thing. In 1802 the state of Georgia wanted the Indians to re-locate. Now before we go deeper into the story, let me tell you about the five civilized Indian groups. The Choctaw–who lived in Mississippi. The Cherokee–who lived in parts of Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee. The Seminole–who lived in Florida. The Creek or Muscogee– who lived in Alabama. And The Chickasaw–who lived in Mississippi. Now these five groups had adopted American customs and were civilized. In 1829 Andrew Jackson gave a speech suggesting a law, that would force the Indians to move west of the Mississippi River. Congress passed the law and it was made known. Now most of the tribes came peacefully When I say most I mean three. The Choctaw, Cherokee and Creek came peacefully. The Seminole agreed but the people of the Seminole did not. They fought and fought for three years to try and stay, but they eventually had to move west ward. Now the Chickasaw did NOT want to move. They fought for seven years trying to stay there! But because of the loss of people they were forced to move west. These tribes left at different times but all walked the trail of tears. On the trail, four-thousand Indians died of hunger, the cold or disease. Finally in 1907 they were confined to the state of Oklahoma. 

That trail is still there today and I’m pretty sure you can walk it. But isn’t that horrible? How would you like it if people kicked you out of your home and made you travel over two thousand two hundred miles towards a new one? I wouldn’t like it. I’d stare at the sky every night, looking for a light of hope….or a little blue box. 🙂

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