The Career Of James Madison

HELLO! Sorry for the delay in posts. You know seeing it was Winter Break!!! But now it’s over. *Sigh* shame. Anyway, today we will be walking into the life of James Madison. Before we start HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2015 is finally here! I can’t believe it! Yesterday I went to the movie theater and saw a bunch of commercials for up-coming movies and I AM PUMPED! Speaking of movies, I got a movie for Christmas. No I will not tell you what it is.  Speaking of Christmas, I got like almost everything on my list. I got some really cool stuff and my family got some cool stuff too! My mom got a waffle maker! How cool is that! 😀 Please in the comments below tell me the coolest thing you got for Christmas. Now back to my main man James! 

James Madison grew up in Virginia. He was the oldest of his eleven siblings, which soon turned into six siblings when five of them died of sickness before the age of eight. He grew up with very fragile health and was the smallest president so far. He went to the College of New Jersey (which later became the College of Princeton), although everyone else went to the College of William and Mary. He graduated at the age of twenty and returned home. There, he became the youngest delegate in the Continental Congress and was respected greatly for his hard work. When he was thirty-six, he saw a need to bring back the Articles of Confederation and led the call for the Constitutional Convention. When Madison got there, he presented a draft called the Virginia Plan. It became the starting point for the final version of the Constitution. After the convention, he created a list of amendments, ten of which became ratified and became the Bill of Rights. After of which this happened, he was nicknamed,”The Father Of The Constitution”. As a supporter of a strong government, Madison switched sides and started to favor state governments. At one point he was actually in between both extremes. He was a Secretary of State for eight years and was President for another eight years. While politics were his life, it slowly drained his financial resources. He retired a poor and tired old man. Although he had left such a great legacy behind, he wanted an even greater one. The obsessive behavior lead him to his death bed in 1836. He is remembered one of the greatest founding fathers.

Thank you for reading my little essay on James Madison. Please tell me if I’ve written about this before because I’m getting major deja-vu! Well, that’s kinda normal for me…still! One last thing before you go. Hope you got a telescope for Christmas, because you need to be watching for a little blue box. 🙂


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