Question Files Part 13

Welcome to the Question Files Part Thirteen! *Sigh* thirteen. The evil number. The number that brings bad luck to all and is a very scary number…apparently. Why thirteen? Why is that so evil? I mean it could be evil number fifteen, or evil number five. Why evil number thirteen? Hang on, be right back….ok so I really didn’t find anything to lift my question. So let’s just say that superstitious people have their superstitious superstitions and that we really should leave them in peace. Instead of starting a superstitious war……..yeah that wouldn’t be pretty. We’d be throwing mirrors and black cats at each other. *Shivers* that would be awful. Anyway now for the question! 

“Are snap judgments better than decisions to which people give a lot of thought?”

Well, let’s try to decipher this code—sentence. Which answer do most people give a lot of though? Time for a E-X-A-M-P-L-E! Ok, so let’s say you were a spy. And you had to meet this person. Part of your training is to find out if this person is a bad guy or a good guy. When you first see them, is it better to make the decision right then and there? Or is it better to–Oh I don’t know–actually talk to them? My answer is to actually talk to them or give your decision a lot of thought. Unless you’re asked to join a dalek army. Then you just say, “NO STINKIN’ WAY!” and then you back out dramatically into your tardis and as you slowly de-materialize into space, you take one last look at those daleks. And here them yell, “YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED!” and you look at them through the scanner. And you say, “Geronimo”. 

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