Question Files 12

Welcome to the Question Files Part 12! So, yesterday I was watching Doctor Who gettin’ my Doctor on! And I thought, “How can you change the future?”. Now, the future is our past actions. So it would change if I had the thought, “Oh, my future can be changed, I was going to be an artist but I’ll think I’ll be a Doctor.” See, that’s where it gets me. Because the future is past events, then that thought already popped into my head and I never really changed the future. Like if I went back in time, to stop myself from getting a certain injury, then I went back to see if it never happened. Didn’t my future self do that too?? I mean, how can you change the future. It’s just….hard to explain. Anyway let’s get into the question.

“Is it better to care deeply about something or to remain emotionally detached?”

Wow, that’s really deep. Is it better to care about something or to have no feeling for them. Well, if I had to make a decision about something and cared about that something, would it be better to not be attached? I have the perfect example! A few days ago I was watching Doctor Who and it was when the ninth Doctor regenerated. I didn’t feel attached to him, so I didn’t feel anything for him. Then I went back and watched season one all over again. Then I watched the ending episode again. I felt like I was going to burst into tears. I felt all the pain and grief all the fans must have felt while watching that. And even though he regenerated into a one of my fav Doctor’s I still felt so sad he was leaving. Like when Amy and Rory left the show! I cried so much, there was a pool of tears on my bed! 😦 Anyway, I think it’s better to care deeply. Even though that thing might hurt you and might let you down, that grief turns into something else. It turns into strength. Strength to deal with the trials ahead. Like, because I watched that episode, I got all the jokes throughout the show. Like if you were dealing with a bad break up, you can use that knowledge to deal with others. So, I hope this file is filed under important in your book. Because it is in mine. Goodbye Raggedy Man. 🙂


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