Welcome to my least favorite post of all time! Today I will be comparing two characters from the book ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Seas’. 2LUTS (that is what I will be calling it) is about a Professor, his servant, and a Harpooner. They were on an expedition when they were displaced from the boat and were taken upon an mysterious submarine. They met a mysterious Captain named Captain Nemo and he granted them all access to the submarine, but they could never leave. They traveled all over the world, in the oceans and on islands. In the end the submarine sank, carrying the mysterious crew and the captain with it. The Professor and his companions survived to tell the tale. So, let’s start comparing!

Professor Aronnax

The Professor is an expert in Marine Biology and he is a traveler of many sorts. He collects small samples from everywhere he goes. He has a butler named Conseil, who will follow his master anywhere. The Professor is a sensible, noble man. He is very down-to-earth and has common sense even when in a state of panic. He also keeps his friend Ned Land in check, when he gets out of hand.

Captain Nemo

The Captain is a very secretive man. He doesn’t like to reveal his secrets to anyone. He cares for the ocean beauty and is a very honorable man. He is very quick to anger and he can spit in your face as quick as he can shake your hand. He is strongly built and has great knowledge of the ocean. He pilots a submarine named the Nautilus. So secretive this one is…he reminds me of a certain someone…


These two people have somethings in common if you can’t see that already and I will point them out to you. 😀 So, to start off they both have a thing for the ocean. They both have great knowledge of human activity. They both speak fluid languages. And they both are–how shall I put this—-unique. 


Professor Aronnax and Captain NemoTheir titles give it away. The Professor will want to know you before stabbing you in the back. The Captain will want to kill you as soon as you meet. The Captain is a man of grudges and murder. The Professor is a man of peace and living. So basically, combined they make up the Doctor! 😛 


In conclusion, these men are very similar and very different. They play very big roles in this book. And I advise you to read it. I hope you enjoyed this comparing essay! I am entitled to tell you that The Doctor says, “NO MORE”. 😀 😀 😀


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