Question Files Part 9

(Read this to the tune of let it go)

Welcome to the Question Files Part 9! Where I have the *Let it go* tune stuck in my head! I am singing every word I type, nothing can stop it, it came to me last night. It’s time to tell you my question, I hope you’re reading to the tune. I really, really hope that it stops soon! Here we go! Here we go! The question of the day! Here we go! Here we go! I’m trying to make a way, to finish this song before we have to start! Let my thoughts rage on! I think I’ll just talk about the holiday. It’s funny how Christmas has gotten here so soon. And the way the leaves twirl fondly, and the shining of the moon! It’s time to see if I can end, this song I found on the forum’s. No right, no wrong, no one can tell, me how to write! Here we go! Here we go! We’re almost done with this! Here we go! Here we go! I may skip the almost rapping part! Here I type, and here I finish! Let my thoughts rage ON! It’s time to get into the question!

“Do we put too much emphasis on self-reliance and independence, and are we afraid of admitting that we need other people in our lives?”

First off, I’m sorry for my ‘Let it go’ outbreak. It was sudden I know. I really hope you sung along. 🙂 . Now! Let’s read this question again. Do we put to much value into how good we are and our freedom? Are we afraid of admitting that we need someone else in our lives? Ok, so basically let’s say you’re the President’s son–daughter–child! You have a lot of freedom and a lot of self-reliance. You can basically do anything you want. If you had that much self-reliance and that much independence, would you feel afraid to admit that you need help? My answer is yes for both questions. We tend to go over board with how much self-reliance we have and independence. We are afraid to admit that we need someone else. If you had your act together and you had a stuck up Cyber-man attitude, you would not want anyone to help you… because if you mess up… YOU WOULD BE DELETED!!!


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