Question Files Part 6

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to the Question Files Part 6! Today we will be taking the long road ’round this question and exploring all it’s explanations. So truth be told, I really find this question challenging. Mainly because of the context they put it in. So, let’s figure this out ‘together’. 🙂

“What gives us more pleasure and satisfaction: the pursuit of our desires or the attainment of them?”

Now, you might be yelling at your computer saying, “EXPLAIN! EXPLAIN!”. And you might be saying, “Dude, how do you not know what that means?!”. So, either way I’m going to ‘EXPLAIN’ . 😀  What gives us more pleasure and satisfaction, following our dreams or achieving them? Example time! Say, you wanted to be a doctor. 😀  You finished school, went off to college and got your degree. You passed the exams and were now an official doctor! (with a name tag that says ‘The Doctor’ 😀 ) You finally pursue your dream. What was more exciting? The journey there or the destination? If you’ve read all my posts then you should know that I took a trip to Hawaii! What you don’t know is that I also went to St.Croix. St.Croix is one of the Virgin Islands. It is only about 27 miles long. That’s pretty small!  The plane ride there was very interesting. When we got to St.Croix it was beautiful. Everything was fantastic! I roomed by myself in a room with a mosquito net for a wall. It was great because I could hear the waves of the Caribbean Sea crashing onto the shore as I went to sleep. We saw a bunch of great sights and cracked open a big coconut the day we left! When we got to the airport, the plane had left and our seats were taken. We stayed the night in a hotel and flew first class back home! first class! I had a little t.v. screen in front of me and had the choice of many, many movies. I decided to watch Mega Mind. When we got to the home airport I had already missed a week of school, not counting the extra day off because of our plane delay. When we go home, school was snowed out and I missed another week of school! Then when school was finally back open, I was sick so I missed ANOTHER week of school! By the fourth week I was actually hoping there might be an earthquake or tornado, but there was nothing stopping me from going to school so I went. Anyway, back to the subject.

So my answer is, it’s about the journey or the pursuit of our desires. When you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, you and your family share about the journey of their life, and all their past Thanksgivings. When you and your family sit down around the Christmas tree, you think of the old memories of the stuff you got. You think of when your little sister got a that little pink tiara, and when she pranced around the house saying she was royalty. You think of when your brother got that marshmallow gun, and how whenever you would go outside, he would bury you in marshmallows. You think of that special something you got from a family member or a special someone 😉 . These memories are about the journey not the destination. So, I care really more about the journey, not the destination…Except when I in the TARDIS! Then it’s always the destination! 😀 😀 😀 😀 !!!

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