Question Files Part 10

Welcome to the Question Files Part 10! In this file we will look at the wonderful music all kids make. Complaining. I hate complaining. Even though I am guilty of it myself, I find it an age old enemy (much like the Doctor and the Daleks). It is very common and is such a problem! People, you need to see the complaining lifestyle. You’re born, you’re hungry and you complain. You’re in school and you get a problem wrong and you complain. You go to prom and see a boy/girl who looks better than you, and what do you do? You complain. You marry and get a job that requires you to work late and you complain. You have two kids and get them anything they want and you find out that your water bill is too high. You complain. Your kids see you complaining. They complain. And thus starts the never ending circle of a very whinny human race.

“Should we complain to get what we want?”

Well, that’s an easy one. Should we complain to get what we want? Here is my example. Say, your name was Chris and you’re the son of a billionaire. And you could get anything you wanted. Your father gave you his credit card one day and said, “Son, you need to buy yourself a nice tux this afternoon”. And you said, “But father dear, I already have dozens and dozens of them and I was supposed to play Call of Duty with my friends on Xbox Live this afternoon”. And your/his father said, “Well, that’ll have to wait. You’re going to a fancy ball tonight with Margret’s sister’s Dalek’s pen-pal’s sister’s daughter! And you/Chris are like, “But Dad! I have to….”. And so the complaining begins.

My answer is no. Chris/you could have avoided all of this complaining if you had just politely asked him to change his schedule or he/you could have talked to his/your Xbox live buddies and rescheduled! It’s simple. Instead of wasting time complaining, you could be planning how to reschedule your dates. Or schedule your dates period. Unless, of course you see a Tardis. 🙂


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