Question Files Part 4

Welcome to the Question Files Part 4!

“Is it always essential to tell the truth, or are there circumstances in which it is better to lie?”

Well, I actually don’t need to put that into perspective! Huh, first time for everything. But I am going to give you an example 🙂 . Say, you got a really stupid present. And it was your mom who gave it to you. You’re super nervous when you look at her face. Her eyes are shining with delight, waiting to hear what ‘angel perfect words’ will come out of your mouth. Let’s try a Whovian example 😀 . So, you open up your present. You are so excited and then your heart drops. You find out that you got a Cyber-man beach towel instead of a Dalek one. You want to tell them that they got the wrong one but the towels are like $50 each! Not counting shipping! You’re palms are sweaty, so you wipe them on your new Cyber-man beach towel, you look up to see your family staring at you. That’s where this question comes in, do you always tell the truth or is it appropriate to lie? Well, I think that you should always tell the truth. If it’s bad enough that you feel like you need to lie, then just put it in a different context. Like if they asked you, “Do you like it?” you could say, “I think it is very nice!”. The towel is very nice but it’s not what you wanted. But it’s still very nice. So my answer is yes. You should always tell the truth. Unlike those Daleks…….YOU ARE ACQUIRED!!! 😀 


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