Question Files Part 2

Now you might be wondering what the ‘Question Files’ is. For the next few days I will be posting questions to life. This will be kinda like my W.E.I.R.D posts. If you don’t know what W.E.I.R.D is, then go to that little search bar and type in ‘My house?’. Anyway, it’s Christmas time! Yay! I love Christmas! It’s so awesome! Did you know saying X-mas doesn’t mean taking Christ out of  Christmas? X means ‘Chi’ in Greek, and Chi is short for ,some weird Greek name I can’t spell, which means Christ. So, let’s get into the question! Drum roll please! pa rum pum pum pum pum (see what I did there? 😀 )

Do we value only what we struggle for?

Hmm. This ones a little tougher. Do we value only what we struggle for? Ok, let’s put this into perspective. Let’s say I was very out of shape. And I worked hard to get into shape. I guess it’s asking that if I was born fit, would I value it. Well, let’s use another example. Say you wanted something, like a game. And you didn’t get it for Christmas and you didn’t get it for your birthday. One year passes and you still want it really, really bad. So you decide to save up, you passed up all the great toys and games. And you sacrificed your popularity by not having a new phone for more than two years. Finally you have enough money and you buy your game. You love it! You play with it day in and day out. You’re so happy you got it and you like to remind yourself that you earned it. Would you still love it as much if you had gotten it when you first saw it? 

My answer to this question is yes. We do only value what we struggle for. It would be a sad life if we got everything we wanted right when we wanted it. We would be spoiled brats. Spoiled, bratty, good-for-nothing, Daleks! 😀


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