The Question Files

Today I will be answering yet another question. I did not choose this question and if I did, it would be much better. If I had chosen this question it would be, “Who is you favorite Doctor?“. 🙂 Now, here is the question you’ve been waiting for!

“Are people better at making observations, discoveries, and decisions if they remain neutral and impartial?”

Let me rephrase that. Are people better at making decisions if they remain in the middle of it all? Are they better at making decisions when they aren’t on a side? By side I mean like good and evil. Or like chestnuts and acorns. Or even like girls and boys. Lets say you were in the army. And you were the only one who could save it blah blah blah. Would you make a decision better when on the team or as a spectator? Here’s another example, Let’s say you were getting dressed and you had to choose what shirt to wear. Would you make the decision better if you had them side by side or if you tried both of them on? 

Now that you understand the question a little better, let me answer it. I think it would be better to be on a side. Now you might be saying, “But if you’re on a side, of course you’d choose the one you were on”. Well that’s not technically true. If you were on the Dalek’s side (Doctor Who reference) and you saw the destruction that you made, wouldn’t you want to join the Doctor? Well this is technically speaking, because Dalek’s really don’t have any emotion…other than of course Dalek Kan ( Sorry, another Doctor Who reference). But I think if you were on a side you’d have a better view of the battle and thus, choose the right side……..EXTERMINATE!!! 😀 😀 😀


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