The French Revolution

Today I will be talking about The French Revolution. This Revolution was very…dark. It’s amazing how the anger and unfairness resulted into today’s world. For just a minute I want to talk about what the world used to be. I know wars are still going on and there is still a lot of damage. But to think that what you’re walking on, what you’re standing on was once a battle ground or was just a patch of grass or an ocean of trees. It’s breath taking. Right where you’re sitting, or standing, right where you are, used to be the wilds. This mobile device you’re on? That used to be just a circuit or some wires lying around. It’s amazing how our world has advanced. I mean, when I was like 4, everyone was all, “Hey look at this new blackberry! Now with a pad to scroll your way around!” Now they’re like, “New Iphone 6! Finger print recognition and Face-Time!” We have advanced so much. I like to think what these people would say if we brought one to the present time. Heh. It’s like you’re a soldier running in a field, about to strike your enemy and suddenly you’re in Starbucks with people using weird light up devices that have little tiny human beings inside them. Wow. We are very advanced. And I bet until now you really never thought about it. Anyway, let’s get into the French Revolution shall we?

In the middle ages the people served their king and the king served the needs of his people. That is until the Divine Right Of Kings was established. It stated that the king no longer had to meet the needs of his people and was only accountable to God for his actions. The Divine Rights Of Kings led to abuse of power but the most abused was in France. All these unnecessary rules like The Divine Rights Of Kings, were oppressing the people. So the people cause riots but they were mostly unorganized. Inspired by the success of the American Revolution, the third estate rebelled and formed the National Assembly. This was the spark of the beginning of the French Revolution and violence broke out among them. In the capital of Paris, the king and his nobles were forced by the National Assembly to adopt the ideas of a new constitution. The National Assembly was infiltrated by a more violent group in 1792. Louis XIV was arrested, put on trial and was executed in 1793. This caused a riot among the people. Seeing their previous king executed, France was involved in wars against coalition of anti-French Revolution countries. In 1793-1794 the National Assembly approved laws that started The Reign of Terror, and resulted to thousands of deaths among French citizens. In mid 1794 The Reign of Terror ended with a majority vote from the National Assembly called The Thermidorian Reaction. The National Assembly was replaced by the Directory.  The Directory ruled the country but didn’t do anything really major. Then in 1799 the Directory was overthrown and replaced by Napoleon Bonaparte thus ending the French Revolution 

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