Today I will be writing on the topic of music. I will be listing 5 types of the music I find interesting. We will explore the wonder and beauty of the sounds that make our body soar and make our heart race. So please enjoy my attempt to explain what I feel when listening to that sweet sweet sound we call music.


Violin music has been around for centuries, more specifically, the 16 century Italy. It has been played in great gatherings and is a very popular instrument. People have used it in various ways over the years. Violin music is relaxing and very inviting. You can play a slow song to lull you to sleep or to just to relax you body. You play a fast paced song and get up and dance your heart out or you can use it to motivate you. Fast paced Violin music reminds me of places like Scotland and Ireland. It makes me want to get up and do the jig! Slow violin music makes me want to dance ballet or cover up with a nice wool blanket and a cup of hot cider and sit and watch the fire burn. I like listening to dubstep violin music because it makes my mind go wild with imagination. 



Christmas music is one of my top 3 favorites on this list. It just gets you so cheery and bright. Christmas is a time of giving and a time to celebrate Jesus’s birth. I love all the songs they play during this season. I like to listen to songs talking about Santa while decorating my house with Christmas joy. When I think about Christmas music, I think of the wonderful times me and my family used to decorate the tree. We’d have so much fun hanging ornaments, putting up lights and drinking eggnog. The best part was that we’d all have fun. Santa would bring us Christmas Night Clothes and we’d put on a little fashion show for our parents (at least me anyways) . We still do that now but us kids are growing older and even though I still have Christmas spirit, I can’t say the same for my brothers. Now back when we had a bigger house in a bigger neighborhood, we had Christmas Eve parties. It was awesome. We would invite all our friends and family. We made delicious desserts like peanut-butter balls, fudge and my favorite,  Chick-pea soup. Now that does sound unappetizing, but trust me, It was delicious!!! And ya now what? One Christmas it even snow. At church we had something called White Elephant. White Elephant is a big gift exchange. You bring a gift, you get a different one. Its fun! I got lots of cool stuff but I cannot remember them so, yeah. 


I like to listen to piano music while I’m studying. I also play piano. Piano artists are the most famous, in my opinion. I think it is amazing how such beautiful sounds can come from such an instrument.  When I was little, my mom taught me and my brothers piano lessons. It was great at first then it got tougher. Then my brother joined the school band (back in public school) and I learned how to play the flute. It was a good system:read,flute,then piano. Everyday I went through that system. Then I was disabled for a year. I stopped playing the piano for an additional year to have time to heal. Then at the beginning of this year we started playing again. This time I really struggled. Not because I forgot how to play, it was because I was moving on to a new level. I was at the point where if someone said that I played it wrong, I would burst into tears. I finally got over being so sensitive and I love to play now.


I love Church. I especially love the music. It can be slow and it can be fast. It can be sweet and sensitive or just pure silliness! Wednesday is my favorite day of the week because I can worship God with all that I am. The sound of the music played there, starts up in my heart and then it goes to my legs. My legs start to move to the beat and the sound travels to my hands that shoot up in the air! The music then flows to my head and my lips start to move and start to sing the most beautiful lyrics! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, being surrounded by other Christ followers is amazing! I love to join the chorus of voices singing to the Lord! I love looking around and seeing what I call the ‘Three Classes’

1. Class is the ‘No Growers Class’

No Growers tend to be the center of attention. They are the people who’s phones ring in the middle of the sermon or the kids who talk through the entire service. They will most likely be on their phones chatting about their latest post. They don’t move out of their social bubble and are always seen with their own type.

2. Class is the ‘Clone Class’

These are literally clones. Mostly found in groups of 4, clones tend to copy. If one clone pulls out a phone, every clone pulls out a phone. If a lone clone (a new clone without a group) walks into a room where hoods are up and phones are out, they copy. Its like the fitting in class. If Suzy has a big brown belt, Sally has a big brown belt.

3. Class is the ‘Not Caring Class’

Now the Not Caring Class is not exactly what it sounds like. They don’t care what others think. They love to worship Jesus and spread the gospel. They can be found anywhere, socializing except when the service is going on. They tend to have a No Growers look but are true Not Carers at heart.

These points represent the life of music I live. I love this type of music so much, that I can’t live without it. What you just read was a piece of my life typed out onto the keyboard. I hope you liked my essay. I really do. Now, there are many types of music, Sad, Happy, Classical, Dubstep, Christian, Gospel, Rock, Piano, Christmas, Guitar, Opera, Hip-Hop, Disco, Spooky, and even funeral music. This wonderful music make up life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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