Places I Like To Visit

Today I will be talking about the places I visit regularly in a week. Don’t know why but here we go.


May be weird but I usually go to Florida every other month. Because we are needed there for medical purposes, homeschooling comes in handy. I love to go there, especially in the winter! 


I go to church every Sunday and Wednesday. Its great because I love worshiping the lord with all that I am. I also work in the coffee shop, making frappuccinos! Its really fun being surrounded by other Christian followers and seeing new ones come to life.


I love the Library! Being surrounded by nothing but books it wonderful!!! And I love how the library smells! It smells just like—I don’t know—books!  I try to go at least once a week. Its so fantastic to be unplugged from all the drama of life and just be in your own little world! I could spend hours in a library, reading about fantasy, fiction, history, art and adventure.

I guess what I learned from this, is that I do a lot more than sit around all day typing on a keyboard!


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