My Family

So I understand family is important. So today I will be typing on the subject. I have a family (counting me) of five. There’s my Mom and my Dad and my two brothers. Today I will be talking about only three of them so, if you want to you can check out my other brother at his blog at


My dad is awesome. He is very funny, he loves the outdoors, and he is SUPER LOVING. What I love about him is that he is so kind. He loves making others laugh and he is a good Christian man.


My mom is wonderful. She is very organized. She always likes a clean house and hates it whenever its dirty. Shes a good hard worker and loves doing it. She works at keeping the house in order and is always happy to volunteer! I really love her personality, she loves to help others and she LOVES chocolate. She is a good Christ follower and she loves talking about God.

Brother Number One

My oldest brother is unique. He can be really funny but he can also be very serious. He is a good hard worker and tries to get 110% when you ask for 100%. He works as a car mechanic and even though he’s gone most of the day, I love it when he comes home.

All family’s are different. Some are old, some are young and some are falling apart. All the more reason to enjoy what you have.


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