20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is a unique book. It is very descriptive and is very mysterious. All though it is interesting to some, I found it very dull. The detail in the book was remarkable, but I thought it was too much. I don’t think you need to know every little detail about the fish you saw or the food you ate. It was also very sad. How Captain Nemo killed all those people on the ship. I mean, I know he was suppose to be hard core at his revenge but I though that was a little too much, even for him. Something exciting would happen then it would be dull as wood. You’d read an action scene and then you’d read about how much Aronnax loved fish. It just wouldn’t go anywhere. They were trapped and then they went on a ocean discovery and then they were trapped, discovery, trapped, discovery. You see where I’m going with this? It wasn’t interesting. The end was especially disappointing. Now don’t get me wrong, the suspense was good, but the name of the last chapter is ‘Captain Nemo’s Last Words’. It entitles that he did in fact die, so the’wondering if he survived’ sentences were pointless. Overall, Its a good book for people who like this type of stuff, unfortunately I’m just not that type of person.

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