Club Penguin Review

Today I will be adding on to one of my w.e.i.r.d posts so feel free to leave the page if you don’t like Club Penguin.

My favorite game(or the one I play the most) has to be Club Penguin. Now some of you may be thinking-“WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”- And some of you may be thinking-“HOW CAN YOU NOT BE ADDICTED?!”-Well, I really like Club Penguin. I think its fun. It has a little somethin somethin for everyone. For animal lovers-pets. For hard core party animals-parties every month. For skaters-skate park. And anyone else can find somethin that they love. Though I do have some complaints. I don’t like that you have to pay to do some of the stuff on the island. I mean, you can make a free account, but most of the stuff is for members. How fair is that? Not very. When your a non member you look at members with a little disgust in your voice. And when your finally member, you forget what its like to be a non member. That’s why I have two accounts. That way I can still know what it feels like to be a non member. Over all its a great game. I love it.


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